Many things happened.

March 31, 2007 at 1:51 am (Emo, Ramblings -)

Main thing would be my dad. He’s going to be declared bankrupt. I guess it’s a matter of time. Since long ago. But when we thought everything is turning for the better, well, shit happens. The effect on me wasn’t really that great, maybe because in my mind, I sort of knew this was coming. Someday. I’ve not been taking money from him since the end of O’s, which also significantly marks the end of my secondary school life.
I don’t know. Kind confused. I told Chu Xiang. His reaction was disappointing, and a little stupid. You don’t have to be jobless to be declared bankrupt. All you have to do is to owe fucking loads of money to different sources. Sometimes I really feel that we’re not suited to be together. But I really wish for this relationship to work. Hais. Breaking up is not that huge a matter, but we’re in the same CCA. Thoughts keep racing into my mind. Very very confused. I’ve no time to date either. My mum is not very pro dating. But I really want this relationship to work. HAIS. Is it love? I don’t know. Or maybe the fact that I’ll have to get another boyfriend.
I think… I much prefer the feeling of being 暧昧. It’s funnily interestingly intriguing.
Speaking of which, working is so much better nowadays, with dear (Natalie) and Chee Ming around. The two I’m closer to. Hahaha. And someone freaks me out. OMG. Shall tell this to deardear tomorrow. Miss him so much. I’m sneezing lots. Someone must miss me a lot. Lol.

That’s about all. Nothing much to say. *sigh* Being sick sucks.



  1. saddyboi said,

    its time to learn how to save and not keep buying things..

  2. .. said,


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