January 25, 2007 at 4:42 pm (Ramblings -)

Having my French test later on but haven’t really studied at all! Completely not in the studying mood, except for the mood to study macroeconomics. So weird. Haha. Anyway super lethargic now I’ve no idea. And I didn’t manage to attend the POA lecture this morning! Overslept. ): And in my opinion, if I’m going to be late for more than 20 minutes, especially lecture, might as well don’t attend because it is very rude to interrupt lectures. Not tutorials though because the attendance is more important – I don’t want to be debarred from exams.

Yesterday’s presentation was alright. At least, I think I did my part not bad, considering the little time I had. The website seemed to have impressed our tutor but overall it was a sucky presentation because it was very very obvious the powerpoint slides were done very last minute and had too many slides, not forgetting that quite a number of slides were irrelevant. Besides that, technical problems occurred and we did not have a back up plan (aka, another laptop). Hence I’ll be glad if we can actually get a B- for this project. Whatever. And anyway, FABM exam might be held at SIM, for whatever reason. -.-”

Exams are so near. Let’s all buck up. (: Jiayoujiayoujiayou! Hehehe.
I’m looking forward to our outing! ;D HUIYING, FASTER DO SOMETHING LAH.



  1. evonnn said,

    jiayou for exams hor! sorry have been really busy and missing out in your life. =/

  2. stella said,

    Jiayou! ((:

  3. Shu Xian said,

    Hey, too long never see me liao, I really changed my handphone already. Hahaha. It’s no longer the flip, it’s the “push-push”. Yeah, I know it’s called slide la. Haha. Anyway, my phone is Sony Ericsson W850i. Black.

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