A pleasant surprise! (: (:

January 7, 2007 at 12:15 am (Uncategorized)

It was a lovely lovely day. LMS done and submitted, IAC almost done.
Anyway, scheming Shu Xian, along with the other loggies (in alphabetical order, Hui Ying, Shirle, Siew Fong, Yee Shian) gave me a very very lovely surprise! Scheming Shu Xian was telling me that she need to meet me to pass me something for Wei Qian’s birthday (and she was very scheming okay, to the extent that when I told her I couldn’t make it and had to go buy phone, she was a little worried), so, after I got the phone, I rushed back to school to meet her. Aaaand, to my greatest surprise, she was there together with the other loggies (with the exception of Xue Ting, who had training, and the other unsuspecting victim Wei Qian who was having her jap class), to sing me a birthday song (omg so paiseh, so many people lol) and a very nice present – Build-A-Bear’s bikini bear which is named Coral, along with a sketchbook with the things I want, drawn by Hui Ying, who did it very very well. (: SO YONG XIN okay. I am really really touched by this effort. Shu Xian was super sad that it couldn’t happen with both Wei Qian and me there, that she cried! So shocked, all of us. Thanks a lot!!!!
Astro was okay, but thanks Jun Wei, for the ‘Hey Jude’ uh, musical box? and the book. (:
Okay… Can’t load the photos, think I might be uploading it in Logblog or my 深夜克拉布.

Story 用心ly by loggies:
The Greatest Present on Earth
*For anything better, you have to go to Mars


Nong nong ago, Pluton, Heady’s homeland was kena shrunked by the scientists. It bobian & migrated to a neighbouring starball. BUT what is this ball?! Is it, football? Basketball? Or featherball? Hei! Hei! It’s URANUS(-ball)!

Ten thousand ten thousand also cannot think, when he set foot on Uranus(ball), the omnipotent immortal (tongxuan)2 told Heady, in order to let its planet revert back to gigantism, Heady has to complete 100 good deeds. As such, Heady utilized PINEapple thumbtop to surf the planet, in order to search for the wishes of human.
After going to goggle website, Heady searched for a challenging wishlist, and at this time, it saw a website with the colour it loves the most: PURPLE. As the late night crap’s wishlist is as long as dwarf’s planet’s orbit, Heady thought that just by completing this person’s wishes, it will be able to complete all 100 tasks at one go!
To be continued…

*insert more laughter

After Heady 实现 the wishes on 深夜克拉布的 wishlist, it realized that it only fulfilled 97 of his 100 tasks! That means he still have not reached his target of 行-ing 一百善!*
Therefore Heady had to look for another 人类 to accomplish his tasks and save his 小矮人 (Pluto ball). He decided to look at the links*. This is when he came across the website 母鸡 pok-pok-kei*.
Hurray! He can complete his tasks liao!…

*insert sound effect (OH MY GOD)

Met Wei Qian (hahahah we’re both late!) and according to plan, we did go to Borders. And I oogled at adorable little kids. Hahaha. Had fun there (don’t ask me how we have fun in a BOOKSHOP, we just did). And after much consideration, we still stuck to our original plan to lunch/dine at nydc, the one in front of Heeren. Bad choice, so many trees, you don’t know when your food will 加料. Lol. Ate a lot there please. Super full. After that, and some walking around in Esprit, where we randomly just picked a set of clothes to try on, we decided to go back to BPP, before the buses get crowded, which it did, at the bus stop behind Takashimaya. Called Siew Fong, Hui Ying, Yee Shian and Shu Xian but only Shu Xian could join us for dinner. Hahaha yes I know we were terribly full, in fact, I still am. Hahaha. Anyway, Shu Xian came, with Ming Jie. He’s damn funny, super laggy one lol. Ate and chatted, bullied Ming Jie and we headed to Lot One K Pool for, duh, pool.
Enjoyed myself, definitely, but we forgot to take group photo. Blah. As always.
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO WEI QIAN (and me)! (: (: (: (: I hope you enjoyed your day.



  1. evonnn said,

    aiya. you 2 should have come down to zouk. hehe!

  2. shirley said,

    i thought of the “for anything better you have to go to MARS” =)hahah.

  3. shuxian said,

    yeah, i’m the scheming one. Lol.

  4. shuxian said,

    and you know why it’s http://www.goggle.com.ur? cos, it’s uranus. so. ur. hahahahaha. so guailan, of course it’s thought of by the guailan hui ying.

  5. Zibaoji said,

    Confused story…no link…i got to use ezlink sia

  6. slashmylove said,

    hahah, no time blog, shall reply here.
    Zibaoji, part two of the story links to Wei Qian’s blog. Dependent on whether she updated or not, else it’s quite blur-ing. haha. gotta read both eng and mandarin version.
    shuxian, yea i figured the .ur out! hahaha. (: smart me, we’re of the same wavelength lalala.
    shirley, i thought that was pretty lame but funny. lol.
    evon, cannot lah, we must maintain hao nv hai xing xiang. LOL

  7. stella said,

    i got a phone too!
    haha, i miss my old lousy phone though :\

  8. yeeshian said,

    yooo~ yeeshian was here. wahhahaha.

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