Happy Birthday to ME (:

January 2, 2007 at 1:17 am (Uncategorized)

I feel so pampered. Lol. It should be the way, afterall, it’s my birthday. YAY.
Though my arms are hurting now. Hahaha. I was sabotaged just now, before I went home after work. Anyway today was good, glad that I worked the night shift because there was plenty of food. YumYum. Back to what I was saying, Isaac, Chee Ming and Pauline whipped-creamed me. Oh, work today was hectic. Two people didn’t turn up. And now the manager hates them and no longer hate me (remember I didn’t turn up for work once because I had no idea?). HEHEHE. My first sabotage in my 18 years. Lalala. And I fell. Hahaha. With Isaac. On my elbows and knees. Then we sabo Pauline. Hehehehe. But didn’t sabotage Chee Ming, he too far away lol.

I feel happy, cause I received “Happy birthday” messages! Hehehe. Shall update later regarding the people. Thank everyone though. (:



  1. stella said,

    happy birthday!
    i just sent you a message 😉
    i guess my name will be up soon again


  2. evonnn said,

    happy birthday to you! birthday girl is officially 18 and is legal to do a few more things in life. ain’t that exciting? =) anyways take care babe. rock on!

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