January 1, 2007 at 3:23 pm (Uncategorized)

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE! Before I go into my topic i.e. reflections and resolutions etc, I shall remind EVERYONE that my BIRTHDAY is in less than 24 hours. YAY. Okay, for people like Stella (OH, YOUR NAME AGAIN), you can skip the whole chunk in red. (: It’s going to be long. Haha.

I shall just go through some of the more significant events in 2006, before going into my resolutions. (: In no order lah, for those in the middle, I can’t remember the exact dates for some. HEHEHE.
1. MY BIRTHDAY. Of course, every year the New Year’s Day is not so interesting, since I don’t go out do countdowns, with the exception of this year, so the big day is definitely my birthday. (: I had enjoyed the day, despite it being the start of the school year. We celebrated my birthday on the 1st instead and Wei Qian surprised me by bringing my present to my home. (: Cute bouncy thing. HEHE.
2. GETTING BACK OF ‘O’ LEVEL RESULTS. Though it wasn’t splendid, it was enough, to get me into the course I wanted – Tourism and Resort Management in Ngee Ann Polytechnic.
3. ENROLMENT INTO NGEE ANN POLYTECHNIC. Of course, after results, that is definitely the enrolment. Although I did had doubts here and then if this is the right choice, I’m quite glad that I chose this route.
4. WORK. Working at the gelato store was alright but it did feel good to have my own money. Though I’m not super happy working at Fish & Co now but it’ll suffice. For now.
5. JOINING NGEE ANN ASTRONOMY CLUB AND GOT A BOYFRIEND. Lol. Yes indeed. I wonder what would have happened if I didn’t turn up for astro after Siew Fong pangseh-ed me. But I feel that this was indeed a good choice, I’ve made really good friends in astro. (:
5. LEARNING FRENCH. Though it’s the basic stuff but it feels good to know another language. Especially if it may be beneficial to my future. Whee.
6. FAILING A MODULE. My greatest regret till date but I’m not going to harp on it. I’ll buck up and make it up, with good grades. Gotta really jiayou!
7. GETTING A LAPTOP. Really thanks to Wei Qian’s mummy, who forked out the money first for me, which of course, I’ve returned all. Bet Wei Qian was very stressed the day I returned her the money, so much, what if she was robbed right!
8. RELOCATION OF BUKIT PANJANG GOVERNMENT HIGH SCHOOL. ): Now that the campus is no longer the same, it does not hold the memories I’ve known about the school but it’ll stay, nonetheless. I’ll always remember the lovely friends I made there, how much better it was than now. *sigh*
9. LOSING MY WALLET. ): ): I’ve no money to replace my NRIC! Hahaha, I’ll need a new wallet, I guess.

Resolutions for 2007:
1. GPA of at least 3.5 (this is going to take a lot of hard work!)
2. Save at least $500, for each account.
3. NETBALL. The CSC thing has already been approved. YAY!
Hahaha, that’s all I can think of!

Okay, shall start from the beginning of my day.
Woke up, went to work etc. Preferred the night shift, simply because I like the people more. AND I was the ‘floater’! So fun! No specific task, just help whoever I want see is very busy. Stella and Jie Qi came! (: Enjoyed the short times I had with them. LUCKY I was the floater, else it would be tough to go around and talk to them. Jie Qi is unlucky. HAHAHA.
Went to my first ever countdown event in my 18(-1day)years. It was a last minute decision please. Then I had to wear my uniform because I didn’t bring shirt and am too poor to buy. (x
Planned to go Esplanade, so we (Pauline, Chee Ming and me) walked to JE MRT and took the train towards Pasir Ris. Saw Shu Xian, Estella and Ivan there! So coincidental please!! They’re going to Pasir Ris beach to countdown to don’t know what. LOL. Anyway, we talked and talked and talked and talked and for no reason, we alighted the MRT at Cityhall and changed to Marina Bay. WHY???? Hahahaha. But we realised lah. I realised. =p
Then saw many ex-BPians!! Wen Ze, Eric, Lionel, Jia Wei, Kia Wee (or how his name is spelt), Gerald and a friend of theirs from AJ whom I simply cannot remember his name. Hahahaha. Lucky we met them, because the place was flooded with people and got a lot of AHEMS! And we two girls happen to stand in the middle, so still quite safe. YAY.
After the thing, saw Shan Yuan and Grant. Haha, but didn’t talk much lah. Busy receiving the video from Gerald. After that we braved the storm back to the MRT station together. Though we went seperate ways after that, taking different trains. But did have fun lah, they were entertaining. (:
My first countdown was not bad. So, the three of us continued to talk (somehow we have a lot to talk! must be due to the fact that we can’t talk when we work!). And talked. AND TALKED! Then Pauline alighted at JE and we couldn’t stay to eat together (all of us were hungry) because last train to CCK was quite rushed for us. So, left the two of us hungry people, we went Lot One mac at 2am plus!! Saviour food. Lol. And…….. saw Teo Ai Ping!! Hahahaha. Talked a bit. She remembers my birthday! Okay…. I think at the rate I’m reminding people, it isn’t hard BUT STILL….. HEhehehehhe.
Saw Jin Hui there too. AND SHIRLE! And Xavier. Anyway I went home at about 4am, because my dad sms-ed my brother and he told my dad that I’m not home yet so he came to fetch me. And then, I pangseh Chee Ming and went home. WAHAHA. 4am. Bathed and slacked and slept at 5am plus.
Was supposed to work 10am – 3pm today. But someone wanted to swop shift (she wanted to go out at night), so I gladly accepted though I get less pay lah…… Still. Else I wouldn’t be able to wake up at 8am and still be able to wear my contacts. Now I’m working 6pm! HEHS.

My first day of the year was not bad. It shall only get better. (:
Love all my friends! Miss you all!
And especially you. (:




  1. shirley said,

    yah, your colleague genzong me! sucha lousy genzong-er. LOL. i know he stay at teckwhye! =))) happy birthday!(in advance)

  2. stella said,

    i read the whole chunk in red!

  3. siew said,

    i pangseh-ed u? lol.

  4. Alex said,

    Thank You

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