Closure, AGAIN

December 31, 2006 at 12:06 am (Random)

Hahaha, okay, apparently I managed to blog again before the year ends. So, HAPPY NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE AGAIN!
Was supposed to go for the dinner thingie, which Stella and I decided not to. It seems so boring! But still got a shirt. HEHE. Oh man, never put the both of us together, we’ll end up not turning up. WAHHAHA. So, is it a good thing that we’re in different schools? HEHEHE. But had fun anyway. Waited for Jie Qi and starved doing so. Had dinner and watched “Love Wrecked” and “Nanny McPhee”, after deciding so long what to watch. Apparently, horror movies are horrible choices because you’ll never know what Stella will do. WAHAHA.

It’s been SO long since we last met up. Missed the netballers loads!

AND Stella isn’t that secretive about my birthday, WAHAHA, we forgot to give Jie Qi her present. -.-“

HENCE, with special request from Stella (this entry mentions your name so many times!), I shall try my best to do my wishlist, again. SO TOUGH PLEASE.
; Nokia 7390 (My HP is spoiling… It’s giving all the syndromes. ARGHS.)
; that red iPod
; accessories! (nice ones, of course)
; electronic keyboard
; jackets?
– actually, something nice, thoughtful and lovely will do but I don’t mind expensive. HEHE.

; alright, donate to me -.-” I seriously have zero idea!!
Seriously, it’s so damn tough.

I do want to achieve all these though:-
; slim down
; gpa of at least 3.5 (this is going to be tough, looking at the mountain of unfinished work awaiting me)
; new image? new hairstyle, hair colour, dressing style, etc. -.-“

AND…… before I end, a photo taken yesterday, with Jun Wei’s idea. The money I collected so far till that time, all spread out like a fan. WHEE I feel rich. Hahahaha. (:
Money-fan! HAHAHA


1 Comment

  1. stella said,

    firstly, my NAME! 😉
    OMG, I see things that we can actually afford in the wishlist!
    watching nanny mcphee was fun, minus audio and all

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