Closure of the year 2007

December 30, 2006 at 2:47 pm (Ramblings -)

Doubt I’ll be able to blog tomorrow night, before midnight, especially since I’ll be working. Speaking of work, I was supposed to work today but no thanks to my colleague who told me that I’ve no work today, I’m not working and hence, the extra pay is GONE. TSK. Anyway, I’ll be working 12pm – 10pm tomorrow, with an hour’s break. Think I should be working on Monday as well. HAIS. STELLA! Like that no time for you all le, since school starting already. ): And the Sunday which school reopens is a don’t know what holiday. -.-”
Anyway, really thanks to all who made the BBQ possible, and rather okay at that too. (: I’m aching all over now, suspect it might be because of the heavy carton of stuff. AHHHS.
STRESS AHHH! Everything is piling up. I realise, with much horror, that there are many many things to be completed! ARGHS. MAEC e-learning, IAC e-learning, LMS report, IAC powerpoint, MAEC test 2, BSTA test 2, FABM report, and the tutorials! ): Don’t like school. Another five weeks and exams and Chinese New Year and holidays! YAY.
I miss everyone so much. Will be meeting Stella, An Qi, Jie Qi for the dinner later on. Yay, netball rocks. (: (: (: (: (: Hopefully everything goes well and tada! We’ll soon be playing netball together again BUT that means I’ll have even less time for myself and studies.
OH FOX IS HAVING A BIG SALE! 40% OFF! If you buy more than three items, additional 15% OFF! Till 7 January. ALRIGHT IT SUCKS. 7 January is a Sunday SO I’m ONLY getting my pay on 8 January. ):
That reminds me, I should go check MeL before I go and get ready to meet Wei Si.

New Year in less than forty hours, HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance. AND don’t forget my birthday. I shall remind everyone. WAHAHAHA.

Wei Qian – That Light is so fat please. EEEEEE.
Siew – HEHEHE, no replies ah. X:
An Qi – So so only lah. Not worth it. Plus sit so long, butt a bit numb.



  1. stella said,

    my name!!

  2. stella said,

    im the first!

  3. evonnn said,

    was here

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