Death Note 2 – The Last Name

December 27, 2006 at 1:07 am (Ramblings -)

A rather disappointing movie. And it sucks when there are stupid movie-goers who simply can’t understand the movie. Anyway, I shall not spoil it for you all and say that both L and Light dies in the end and no matter what, the manga and anime still much much better (though I’ve not yet finish watching the anime lol). HOHOHO. =p
Gotta chiong for LMS and IAC tomorrow. Wish me luck please. HOHO. 8am at the Shell bus stop. AHHHH.
I’ve yet to finish the report appendix. Congrats.
Anyway, Wei Qian! Must remember to lend me “The Sims 2 – Nightlife” okay? YAYNESS. So cool can. WAHAHHAHAA. I shall resist playing it. I SHALL.

Shu Xian – yea, and we did. ALL THANKS TO ME PLEASE. Hohohoho (I’m having fun with hoho-ing. Hohoho)
saddyboi – well, this, you ask Chu Xiang. Hohohohohoho (hoho-ing is fun! Hohoho)

EDIT: 2.30am
HOHO, yay I’m done. (:
My chinese b’dae is on 3 jan eh! So close to my actual b’dae. HOHOHO.



  1. siew said,

    wah. good lor. u all watch da movie liao. still say want to organize as log outing. arghhhhhhhhhhhh. hmpf.

  2. saddyboi said,

    its okie.. u 2 enjoy… :p

  3. stella said,

    leave one day for us too!

  4. WeiQian said,

    HAHA. =))

  5. WeiQian said,

    OH! i remembered what i wanted to say!.

    DN2 was okay what! I love the L parts. Raito is so fat please!

  6. anqi~ said,

    was it tt bad? the movie review i read says it’s much better than the first movie… (though i din watch both) lolx~ (:

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