December 26, 2006 at 1:02 am (Pissed, Ramblings -)

Someone treat me to Fish & Co. and spend more than $50 because I want the diary, very cute! Hahaha.
Alright, that’s pretty random. Recently nothing much interesting happened, besides the fact that sometimes it really sucks working there. HAIS. Not only I feel so, my colleague has the same mentality too. ):
OH YES. Highlight of last week would be me making one of the newbies dislike me. HOHO. Actually, nobody likes her. She’s rather fat, inefficient (not to forget that she was late twice without calling and the manager is freaking pissed at her) and SLOW. Alright, perhaps I was a little mean to her [e.g. she was doing the main runner and she’s taking her own sweet time, so I told her “a runner does not walk” and she told someone that “I don’t like her, don’t tell her”]. Hey, looking at that, I wasn’t that mean please. In the end, the ‘someone’ DID tell me, of course, since nobody likes her. HOHOHO (I’m replacing all my ‘haha’, ‘lol’, ‘heh’ with ‘hoho’ because it’s x’mas! Hohohohoho)
I put my schedule for several days this week but I got only Saturday. Which means MUCH less income. What the hell (my fave phrase already lah, even my colleague realises, because it’s not so vulgar, hoho). HAIS ): The management so scheming ah. I feel like quitting and getting a new job, but that equates to making friends from my work place all over again. -sian-
It’s x’mas today but seriously I don’t feel it. Work was super slack, especially about 3pm. So I was chatting with a colleague and blowing balloons, criticising and commenting. SIGH SIGH.
OHYES. Yesterday, the owner of Fish & Co turned up. So damn stressed please. Nothing to do still gotta act busy, so in the end (because I was helping my colleague to do the greeter while she takes a break) I had to go out of the restaurant and give flyers. All that for 5 frigging dollars per hour.
I’m full of complains and criticism today, I’ve no idea why.
AND I’ll refuse to work on 2 JANUARY 2007. No explanations required. HOHOHOHOHO.
and….. NINE more days. YAY (should I yay?)

EDIT: 3.15AM
Yes, Wei Qian, Chu Xiang did. HOHO. Leave 6th for ME okay?! (:
BUT suddenly, somehow, my birthday doesn’t seem that exciting anymore. I’ve no idea why. Perhaps it’s another pass phase, as always. HOHO. *sigh*
RANDOM: I want to upgrade my plan to a student plan lah, then can sms and sms and sms without worries. That means, can organise outings more often too! HOHO.
OH by the way, loggies, Death Note outing how? REPLY ASAP PLEASE.



  1. WeiQian said,

    EH! Did anyone book you on the 2nd?? If no, I BOOK!

  2. shuxian said,

    I want to watch Deathnote 2 with you guys!

  3. saddyboi said,

    2nd only for cx ar? or we all together? :p

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