LOG outing wheee~

December 20, 2006 at 1:19 am (Random)

I really had fun yesterday, particularly the eating part. Hahaha, thanks to all who made it possible, just by turning up. YAY. (:
K Box was fun. I high-ed towards the end. Though I’m uber broke now but still, this kind of fun is rare, especially when most of us are able to meet up. I’ve never K-ed with Hui Ying before. HMM. Sing and jump and high and laugh and crap and got fifteen pages of songs. WHEE. No details, except that WE SHOULD HAVE TAKEN PHOTOS. Everyone who has me in your photos, send me!! HEHEHE.
Yuki Yaki was yumyum. I adore food. Yummy food. YAY. Hahahhaha. Don’t you all realise outings organised by me will somehow or another include food? As in, I start planning from the food. LOL. Speaking of food, next time we go Chomp Chomp together okay? (:
Aother outing is in planning.. Refer to log blog please.

My entry is so void of details lol. I’m working so little lah, I need money. ):
I feel so bad for being unable to turn up for the netballers’ chalet. HAIS.


1 Comment

  1. evonnn said,

    if everything goes as planned, i’m starting work soon. LOL! in a week’s time.

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