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December 16, 2006 at 2:06 am (Ramblings -)

The anxiety that I experienced, the moment I realised my wallet was missing was so great. It was like, my greatest fear came true ): I’d never even lost my ez-link card and now at a go, I lose my wallet with everything.
Come to think of it, at that point of time, without any credentials, I CAN BE CONSIDERED AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT. Lol.
Anyway I hope everything will be returned back to me, even though I’ve already made replacement for my ez-link card and my POSB debit card. Once cancelled it cannot be reactivated anyway, so I might just as well do the replacement. I really hope tomorrow when I check with them before I go work, it’s returned. (: I can then cancel the police report and be happy. Though my ez-link card, my ATM card and debit cards will have to be replaced. At least I save sixty bucks for my NRIC. And am no longer illegal immigrant. Lol. I replaced my ez-link and POSB card today using passport. -.-” I feel like some China people please. Lol.
Tiring day.
I’m so glad my supervisor understands and do not hold it against me. I feel so bad though, towards Isaac. Was supposed to do opening with him but I couldn’t turn up at such a last minute notice, I suppose he had to do the opening all by himself. X:
My mind is filled with ARGHS now.

OH. And The Sims 2.
To think I would still have the mood to play games right. HAHAHA.
The Sims 2 is fun! (: The babies are so cute. You see them grow up to toddlers, children, teenagers, adults, elderly. WHOOO. And somehow when I played the family which was already there, THE GUY GAVE BIRTH TO AN ALIEN BABY. That reminds me, one of the guys are currently in the UFO. Lol he was stargazing and the UFO captured him. SO FUNNY PLEASE. And it really makes you 废寝忘食. I started playing and when I noticed the time, two or three hours later. WHOOOSH. If only I am so productive at studying. BLAHS.
花样少男少女 is also nice! YAY. *loves*

I had a bad day; tomorrow will be a better day.



  1. shuxian said,

    Hahaha! Games are addictive. ALL the best for your wallet, hope it didn’t get abducted by some UFO too. wahahahahahahaha.

  2. yeeshian said,

    aiyoyo, i gave up SIMS 2 when i was halfway through creating those humans. 😡 anyway, hope u get ur wallet back, or at least the stuff inside you wallet!

  3. shirley said,

    haha, yeah, SIMS 2 SIMS 2 SIMS 2!=)

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