December 15, 2006 at 12:35 pm (Uncategorized)

There goes my NRIC, EZ Link card, Student ID Card, Fish & Co Staff Card, UOB TX Debit Card, UOB ATM Card, POSB GO! Debit Card, fourteen plus dollars, the stickers with my name which Wei Qian did for me and my ticket to the French performance tonight. GONE. ): And the white Esprit wallet Chu Xiang bought for me! It’s only one month young lor. ): ): ):
But the bus uncles and aunties all quite helpful though. Nice. (: Even though it didn’t help me get my stuff back but at least I didn’t have to walk home from Bukit Batok. BLAHS.
Careless me. ):
The police officer so funny. -.-” Very huh look one.

I really really hope someone will turn it in to the lost and found or police post. *PRAYS*
Replacement for ALL the cards and everything will cost me a lot already. HAIS.

Got to go do replacement POSB card later, else I don’t have money for the other cards. No NRIC, use passport. Haven’t cancelled the UOB cards. Later when I cancel I do a new one? I don’t know, because inside also no money. Hahahahahahaha.



  1. shirley said,

    i think you should go to the place whr they do the ezlink card thr. last time i dropped my wallet den some kind souls return the entire wallet to the place.

  2. WeiQian said,

    Hmm. YOU DAO LI! i hope u get back all ur stuff. ! =) CHEERS!

  3. evonnn said,

    becareful =) good luck

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