/ laziness~~

December 11, 2006 at 11:56 pm (Ramblings -)

Getting so lazy recently. LOL. Always happen during common tests. Normal school days still quite okay. BLAHS.

Had a really really great day with Wei Qian today. Laughed a lot. Relaxing. (:
MAEC was okay, till I seem to have quite a number of different answers from my friends. ):
Anyway, ice cream-ed with Wei Qian. Lalalala I LIKE (:
The two of us always can enjoy ourselves so much. BEST OF FRIENDS YAY.

STELLA!!!!! Hello! Hehehe (:

EDIT: 12.14am
I WANT TO CUT MY HAIR, any recommendations? Do something to my hair, not neccessary to cut but still…. X:



  1. WeiQian said,

    WAHAHA.. I love ur blowing mocha skill!

  2. stella said,

    oooh, im mentioned! HELLO!
    and i thought you just cut your hair?

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