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December 10, 2006 at 2:03 am (Ramblings -)

Recently am too busy to blog. Just some updates of my life, if not dearest Hui Ying won’t know what’s happening to me! Hehehe.
Hui Ping and I scored the highest for our French test! (: The dialogue was rather expected, because a lot of effort was put in, but the results was higher than expected! Hehehehehe. *SMUG* We also got the same result for our written test. I swear we didn’t cheat please. Feels great to top the class. YAY. Though the tutor still can’t remember my name. OH WELL.
Finally went to work on Thursday, after about two weeks. Lol. And there’s this new guy who is super slack. Don’t like him
Common tests coming, let’s all jiayou please! FOUR PAPERS ):
OH I got my pay. Haha. Not much ): Because I worked too little. Consecutively didn’t work for so long, expected.
Holidays aren’t really holidays:
Gotta concentrate on working hard, if not too little money how to do CNY shopping?!
Gotta pia projectS. But still kinda looking forward to LMS and IAC project meeting. Like my group (: Jem promised a lunch treat! Yay. BUT meeting 8am at the bus stop in front of Shell. So early right. BLAHS. Oh, a slight possibility that a dinner treat too! Yay!
Gotta organise the astro outing thing. BLAHS. Jasper, Yvonne, Cheng Boon we jiayou bahs ):
Want to go back Malaysia visit my grandparents too….. but it seems like two weeks aren’t enough. Sucks.
Gotta finish up all my tutorials and revise as well. Cannot do badly this semester!

Eyes tired already. Hair still wet. OH, SQ’s car. X: So cham. Blahs.

There’s this language film festival thing. I’m interested but it’s on the 6th of January. ARGHS. Hate it when dates clash. ): ): ):

Nothing much to add on. Just a slight reminder: 2 JANUARY.



  1. evonnn said,

    all the best for your exams! it’ll be over really soon =))

  2. stella said,

    and dammit, i wanna learn french too 😦

  3. WeiQian said,

    AND 6th JANUARY! haha…

  4. yeeshian said,

    lol lol~ slight reminder eh. it’s been hammered deep into my little brain!

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