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December 5, 2006 at 10:44 pm (Ramblings -)

I felt very very tired today, when I was on my way home. Even after I reached home I was completely *bonks*. Super lethargic. Glad that now it’s better, if not my FABM individual assignment report congratulations already. AND MY POA TUTORIAL. ):
I REALLY got to start on ALL my revision. Hopefully I can do well in the common test. JIAYOU JIAYOU! *self consolation*
So many things to do, another hectic week. Can’t ask me not to work either, I feel damn bad not working, despite the excessive leisure (and supposedly studying) time for me to relax (and study, arghs). ): ): ):
Don’t like this feeling. Lethargic + the knowledge that it’s going to be a very very busy week + revision + tutorials (I still have that LMS letter thing!) = UNHAPPINESS.

And I shall end with this (simply because recently it keeps popping up in my mind, this and the wu zhong, bp, one):
Yo! Check it out!
x xxx x X (4x)
BP! Where’s the heat?
Show that you can rock the beat!
Ehhhhhhh……… BP!
Choa Chu Kang Oi!
Bukit Panjang Oi!
All the best Oi!
All the way Oi!
If we charge Oi!
We will barge Oi!
So we say Oi!
All the way Oi!



  1. WeiQian said,

    eh.! is if “they” charge, right??

  2. yeeshian said,

    haha i’ve already forgotten the words to the cheer! thanks for the “revision” ar~ 😛 manage ur time well and dont overstress urself hor!

  3. evonnn said,

    wah! u noe hor! tt day we at shanghai on the big big boat. ok maybe it was a ship. anyway they were playing the shanghai tan1 song hor! and we started to think of bp. u should know why. soooo much si1 nian4 =/

  4. stella said,

    i havent heard the bp cheer in ages!

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