Closure, AGAIN

December 31, 2006 at 12:06 am (Random)

Hahaha, okay, apparently I managed to blog again before the year ends. So, HAPPY NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE AGAIN!
Was supposed to go for the dinner thingie, which Stella and I decided not to. It seems so boring! But still got a shirt. HEHE. Oh man, never put the both of us together, we’ll end up not turning up. WAHHAHA. So, is it a good thing that we’re in different schools? HEHEHE. But had fun anyway. Waited for Jie Qi and starved doing so. Had dinner and watched “Love Wrecked” and “Nanny McPhee”, after deciding so long what to watch. Apparently, horror movies are horrible choices because you’ll never know what Stella will do. WAHAHA.

It’s been SO long since we last met up. Missed the netballers loads!

AND Stella isn’t that secretive about my birthday, WAHAHA, we forgot to give Jie Qi her present. -.-“

HENCE, with special request from Stella (this entry mentions your name so many times!), I shall try my best to do my wishlist, again. SO TOUGH PLEASE.
; Nokia 7390 (My HP is spoiling… It’s giving all the syndromes. ARGHS.)
; that red iPod
; accessories! (nice ones, of course)
; electronic keyboard
; jackets?
– actually, something nice, thoughtful and lovely will do but I don’t mind expensive. HEHE.

; alright, donate to me -.-” I seriously have zero idea!!
Seriously, it’s so damn tough.

I do want to achieve all these though:-
; slim down
; gpa of at least 3.5 (this is going to be tough, looking at the mountain of unfinished work awaiting me)
; new image? new hairstyle, hair colour, dressing style, etc. -.-“

AND…… before I end, a photo taken yesterday, with Jun Wei’s idea. The money I collected so far till that time, all spread out like a fan. WHEE I feel rich. Hahahaha. (:
Money-fan! HAHAHA


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Closure of the year 2007

December 30, 2006 at 2:47 pm (Ramblings -)

Doubt I’ll be able to blog tomorrow night, before midnight, especially since I’ll be working. Speaking of work, I was supposed to work today but no thanks to my colleague who told me that I’ve no work today, I’m not working and hence, the extra pay is GONE. TSK. Anyway, I’ll be working 12pm – 10pm tomorrow, with an hour’s break. Think I should be working on Monday as well. HAIS. STELLA! Like that no time for you all le, since school starting already. ): And the Sunday which school reopens is a don’t know what holiday. -.-”
Anyway, really thanks to all who made the BBQ possible, and rather okay at that too. (: I’m aching all over now, suspect it might be because of the heavy carton of stuff. AHHHS.
STRESS AHHH! Everything is piling up. I realise, with much horror, that there are many many things to be completed! ARGHS. MAEC e-learning, IAC e-learning, LMS report, IAC powerpoint, MAEC test 2, BSTA test 2, FABM report, and the tutorials! ): Don’t like school. Another five weeks and exams and Chinese New Year and holidays! YAY.
I miss everyone so much. Will be meeting Stella, An Qi, Jie Qi for the dinner later on. Yay, netball rocks. (: (: (: (: (: Hopefully everything goes well and tada! We’ll soon be playing netball together again BUT that means I’ll have even less time for myself and studies.
OH FOX IS HAVING A BIG SALE! 40% OFF! If you buy more than three items, additional 15% OFF! Till 7 January. ALRIGHT IT SUCKS. 7 January is a Sunday SO I’m ONLY getting my pay on 8 January. ):
That reminds me, I should go check MeL before I go and get ready to meet Wei Si.

New Year in less than forty hours, HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance. AND don’t forget my birthday. I shall remind everyone. WAHAHAHA.

Wei Qian – That Light is so fat please. EEEEEE.
Siew – HEHEHE, no replies ah. X:
An Qi – So so only lah. Not worth it. Plus sit so long, butt a bit numb.

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Death Note 2 – The Last Name

December 27, 2006 at 1:07 am (Ramblings -)

A rather disappointing movie. And it sucks when there are stupid movie-goers who simply can’t understand the movie. Anyway, I shall not spoil it for you all and say that both L and Light dies in the end and no matter what, the manga and anime still much much better (though I’ve not yet finish watching the anime lol). HOHOHO. =p
Gotta chiong for LMS and IAC tomorrow. Wish me luck please. HOHO. 8am at the Shell bus stop. AHHHH.
I’ve yet to finish the report appendix. Congrats.
Anyway, Wei Qian! Must remember to lend me “The Sims 2 – Nightlife” okay? YAYNESS. So cool can. WAHAHHAHAA. I shall resist playing it. I SHALL.

Shu Xian – yea, and we did. ALL THANKS TO ME PLEASE. Hohohoho (I’m having fun with hoho-ing. Hohoho)
saddyboi – well, this, you ask Chu Xiang. Hohohohohoho (hoho-ing is fun! Hohoho)

EDIT: 2.30am
HOHO, yay I’m done. (:
My chinese b’dae is on 3 jan eh! So close to my actual b’dae. HOHOHO.

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December 26, 2006 at 1:02 am (Pissed, Ramblings -)

Someone treat me to Fish & Co. and spend more than $50 because I want the diary, very cute! Hahaha.
Alright, that’s pretty random. Recently nothing much interesting happened, besides the fact that sometimes it really sucks working there. HAIS. Not only I feel so, my colleague has the same mentality too. ):
OH YES. Highlight of last week would be me making one of the newbies dislike me. HOHO. Actually, nobody likes her. She’s rather fat, inefficient (not to forget that she was late twice without calling and the manager is freaking pissed at her) and SLOW. Alright, perhaps I was a little mean to her [e.g. she was doing the main runner and she’s taking her own sweet time, so I told her “a runner does not walk” and she told someone that “I don’t like her, don’t tell her”]. Hey, looking at that, I wasn’t that mean please. In the end, the ‘someone’ DID tell me, of course, since nobody likes her. HOHOHO (I’m replacing all my ‘haha’, ‘lol’, ‘heh’ with ‘hoho’ because it’s x’mas! Hohohohoho)
I put my schedule for several days this week but I got only Saturday. Which means MUCH less income. What the hell (my fave phrase already lah, even my colleague realises, because it’s not so vulgar, hoho). HAIS ): The management so scheming ah. I feel like quitting and getting a new job, but that equates to making friends from my work place all over again. -sian-
It’s x’mas today but seriously I don’t feel it. Work was super slack, especially about 3pm. So I was chatting with a colleague and blowing balloons, criticising and commenting. SIGH SIGH.
OHYES. Yesterday, the owner of Fish & Co turned up. So damn stressed please. Nothing to do still gotta act busy, so in the end (because I was helping my colleague to do the greeter while she takes a break) I had to go out of the restaurant and give flyers. All that for 5 frigging dollars per hour.
I’m full of complains and criticism today, I’ve no idea why.
AND I’ll refuse to work on 2 JANUARY 2007. No explanations required. HOHOHOHOHO.
and….. NINE more days. YAY (should I yay?)

EDIT: 3.15AM
Yes, Wei Qian, Chu Xiang did. HOHO. Leave 6th for ME okay?! (:
BUT suddenly, somehow, my birthday doesn’t seem that exciting anymore. I’ve no idea why. Perhaps it’s another pass phase, as always. HOHO. *sigh*
RANDOM: I want to upgrade my plan to a student plan lah, then can sms and sms and sms without worries. That means, can organise outings more often too! HOHO.
OH by the way, loggies, Death Note outing how? REPLY ASAP PLEASE.

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December 22, 2006 at 12:28 am (Ramblings -)

Have I mentioned that I’ve watched “Eragon”? I suppose not, amidst all the sadness of losing my wallet, I overlooked the other pleasant things that happened at around that period of time.
I’ve not yet replaced my NRIC, by the way. And I’m too lazy and broke to replace my student card. HAIS. ):
“The Five People You Meet in Heaven” is really a good read. Couldn’t stop reading it. Making full use of the travel time I had (to go to work and home), I managed to finish reading the book. If it wasn’t for work I would have finished reading it last night. Hahaha. I love books. YAY.
Thanks in advance ah, Shu Xian, for telling me. WAHAHAHAHA. YAY.

Work today was busy busy! So many people! On a Thursday afternoon. Rare but nice, because I’m no longer the greeter! Hahaha. My manager so entertaining one lah! Hahaha. He’s like “you can’t be a greeter forever, must learn how to take orders” to one of the newbies (who has already worked for three weeks) and when I asked him “I already know how to take order, why am I always the greeter?”, he’s like “you different mah”. So -.-” please. Lol. But nevermind, I’m a server today, wheee~
There’s FABM project meeting tomorrow BUT I’m not done with research. So tired, don’t care.
OH, tomorrow gotta wake up early help my mummy 搓汤圆. Yum yum I like to eat 汤圆. Yay.

And Jun Wei’s lending me “Tuesdays with Morrie” and “One more day”. Mitch Albom is a good author.
I like books, the passion is still there, yay. (:

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dumb dumb, i want my gum gum

December 21, 2006 at 1:15 am (Ramblings -)

Happy belated birthday to Logen!
Haha, it’s past midnight, hence it’s belated.
Anyway we all went out today and basically, had fun. Watched “Night in the Museum”. Not bad, I like ‘dumb dumb’ and ‘Rexy’ and the small people and ’26th president’ and the boy ‘Nick’. A bit many hor. Lol. Dined at Cafe Cartel. Quite okay lah, just that the portion size too much. And the pasta sucks.
Anyway, really thank Jun Wei for getting me the Kinokuniya Member Privilege Card.. And the book “The Five People You Meet in Heaven”. I merely wanted to borrow the book for the LMS assignment. Thanks, I really appreaciate the thought.
Speaking of books, anyone has TIMES Bookshop member card? I want to get a book there. “Tuesdays with Morrie”. By the same author. I’ve read the beginning, or rather, the end, of “The Five People You Meet in Heaven”. Quite interesting and engaging. YAYS.
OH MAN I feel like a book worm, lol. BUT I LOVE BOOKS! YAY. The book is so new I can’t bear to read it too fast. Lol.
I love pleasant surprises. YAYNESS.

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LOG outing wheee~

December 20, 2006 at 1:19 am (Random)

I really had fun yesterday, particularly the eating part. Hahaha, thanks to all who made it possible, just by turning up. YAY. (:
K Box was fun. I high-ed towards the end. Though I’m uber broke now but still, this kind of fun is rare, especially when most of us are able to meet up. I’ve never K-ed with Hui Ying before. HMM. Sing and jump and high and laugh and crap and got fifteen pages of songs. WHEE. No details, except that WE SHOULD HAVE TAKEN PHOTOS. Everyone who has me in your photos, send me!! HEHEHE.
Yuki Yaki was yumyum. I adore food. Yummy food. YAY. Hahahhaha. Don’t you all realise outings organised by me will somehow or another include food? As in, I start planning from the food. LOL. Speaking of food, next time we go Chomp Chomp together okay? (:
Aother outing is in planning.. Refer to log blog please.

My entry is so void of details lol. I’m working so little lah, I need money. ):
I feel so bad for being unable to turn up for the netballers’ chalet. HAIS.

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December 18, 2006 at 11:03 am (Uncategorized)

I should be getting ready to go out soon, to meet Wei Qian they all for a LOG outing. (: We’re going K BOX MARINA for K STUDENT. Wheee. It should be nice, but not when I’ve no money. HAIS. Apparently the impact of losing one’s wallet is great. ):
Anyway on Saturday I found an iPod and returned it to its owner, hope the good karma will bring my wallet back to me. iPod video leh Worth so much more than my wallet lol. Remember last time I found a brand new handphone. People tend to forget things after they eat, I’ve no idea why. I never eat also forget -.-”
Hope my downloads finish soon. LALALALA.

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/ The Sims 2

December 16, 2006 at 2:06 am (Ramblings -)

The anxiety that I experienced, the moment I realised my wallet was missing was so great. It was like, my greatest fear came true ): I’d never even lost my ez-link card and now at a go, I lose my wallet with everything.
Come to think of it, at that point of time, without any credentials, I CAN BE CONSIDERED AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT. Lol.
Anyway I hope everything will be returned back to me, even though I’ve already made replacement for my ez-link card and my POSB debit card. Once cancelled it cannot be reactivated anyway, so I might just as well do the replacement. I really hope tomorrow when I check with them before I go work, it’s returned. (: I can then cancel the police report and be happy. Though my ez-link card, my ATM card and debit cards will have to be replaced. At least I save sixty bucks for my NRIC. And am no longer illegal immigrant. Lol. I replaced my ez-link and POSB card today using passport. -.-” I feel like some China people please. Lol.
Tiring day.
I’m so glad my supervisor understands and do not hold it against me. I feel so bad though, towards Isaac. Was supposed to do opening with him but I couldn’t turn up at such a last minute notice, I suppose he had to do the opening all by himself. X:
My mind is filled with ARGHS now.

OH. And The Sims 2.
To think I would still have the mood to play games right. HAHAHA.
The Sims 2 is fun! (: The babies are so cute. You see them grow up to toddlers, children, teenagers, adults, elderly. WHOOO. And somehow when I played the family which was already there, THE GUY GAVE BIRTH TO AN ALIEN BABY. That reminds me, one of the guys are currently in the UFO. Lol he was stargazing and the UFO captured him. SO FUNNY PLEASE. And it really makes you 废寝忘食. I started playing and when I noticed the time, two or three hours later. WHOOOSH. If only I am so productive at studying. BLAHS.
花样少男少女 is also nice! YAY. *loves*

I had a bad day; tomorrow will be a better day.

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December 15, 2006 at 12:35 pm (Uncategorized)

There goes my NRIC, EZ Link card, Student ID Card, Fish & Co Staff Card, UOB TX Debit Card, UOB ATM Card, POSB GO! Debit Card, fourteen plus dollars, the stickers with my name which Wei Qian did for me and my ticket to the French performance tonight. GONE. ): And the white Esprit wallet Chu Xiang bought for me! It’s only one month young lor. ): ): ):
But the bus uncles and aunties all quite helpful though. Nice. (: Even though it didn’t help me get my stuff back but at least I didn’t have to walk home from Bukit Batok. BLAHS.
Careless me. ):
The police officer so funny. -.-” Very huh look one.

I really really hope someone will turn it in to the lost and found or police post. *PRAYS*
Replacement for ALL the cards and everything will cost me a lot already. HAIS.

Got to go do replacement POSB card later, else I don’t have money for the other cards. No NRIC, use passport. Haven’t cancelled the UOB cards. Later when I cancel I do a new one? I don’t know, because inside also no money. Hahahahahahaha.

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