November 28, 2006 at 12:45 am (Ramblings -)

So many things happened since my last real entry about my day.

Went K-ing last Tuesday, 21 Nov. It was great! Six hours of K, only $13. (:
Worked and saw that utterly cute girl on Wednesday.
Stressed the hell out everyday.
Camp on Friday, went to school with all those stuff.. HEAVY!

After lessons, went to the clubhouse, preparing for the camp. SO MANY PARTICIPANTS!
BUSY BUSY BUSY BUSY BUSY. Stress stress stress stress stress. BUT… fun fun fun fun fun!
High-ed most of the time (other times need to rest lah). Shan’t go into details but I injured my fingers while saving the flag ): It’s still painful now. I can see my flesh, no more skin there! So gross can. I wanted to do the night walk! But was too dead to want anymore lol. Silent Hill is a chim movie. 校草 and 笑话 are funny. I’m so glad I had some enthusiastic group members (:
AHHH brain dead.
OH, I slept all the way from 6pm till 3am plus to adjust alarm clock and because my brothers wanted to sleep already and were so noisy and after that continued sleeping till 6am plus, 赖床 till 7am. HEHEHE. SLEEP IS GOOD.
OUCH my little finger…. ):


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