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November 18, 2006 at 12:59 am (Ramblings -)

Today’s anger management skit was wonderfully done. We did rather well overall.

Camp coming up in a week’s time. More things to be done. Next Friday is a heavy heavy Friday ): because I’ve to bring all my stuff for the camp (including the sleeping bag Wei Qian’s going to lend me) and my school stuff! Aka, laptop. HEAVINESS of all. Arrgh. Planned to cab home with Jasper and Yuan Man but then GL meeting is scheduled at 4.45pm and I end school at 5pm, which leaves not even time to rest because that lesson will never end early.

Busy busy busy again.
Didn’t blog yesterday, such an important day lol.


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  1. evonnn said,

    my sleeping bag = anywhere i can find to lie down! LOL! anyway congrats for the skit 🙂 and jiayou! must take care of yourself next week ok? i’m going to be away but i’ll be thinking of you 🙂 yesterday?

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