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November 13, 2006 at 12:59 am (Random)

Today was a good day. (:
Coffee was no good. Cake was no good.
Saw Joyce’s mummy. She was working. Good to see her. She still remembers me! So good.
Shopping is good. Expensive is no good.
Pizza was good. Lol the manager is good.
No contacts no good.
Value for money is good.
Nail varnish is good. Cannot apply is no good. Working F&B no good.
Happy is good. Talking too loud is no good.
Being high is good. Dizzy is no good.

LOL my vocabulary sucks. BUT, to sum up my day out with them, it was good. Really! *insists*
Shall try my best to blog in detail:
Woke up late today, because I already told Wei Qian and Shu Xian that I won’t join them early. I want to catch up on sleep. Actually wanted to do some work as well but as usual, I procrastinated to some other day (which should be soon lol). SHU XIAN, remember our plan? Anyway, left my house at 2plus. Missed 307 I think. Bought newpaper after I alighted the bus, on my way to the other bus stop for 172. While waiting for the change, I saw 172 approaching. Missed that bus in the end, seeing the door close right in front of me. Ass. So, while reading the newpaper (damn it lah) the bus arrived. Boarded the bus and sat down. It was drizzling when I boarded the bus. I was smsing Chu Xiang and when I raised my head again, I realised it was pouring. And soon after, it was all sunny once more. Weird weather.
FINALLY reached JP. Called Wei Qian on my way to the toilet. WEY, have to wash my hands at least right, after reading newspapers. Then in order not to waste time I multi-tasked. Walking and calling Wei Qian, what were you thinking man. Met them at coffee bean. Disturbed Siew Fong. Lol. After that saw Shu Xian’s 一时的冲动. So funny ah, her. Went to Esprit too. Saw this top I really like, but find it too not worth it. ): But had fun trying all the clothes playing model lol. Shopped around some more, till Siew Fong joined us. And walked around a bit more before proceeding for dinner at Pizza Hut.
Siew Fong seems dead. Lol, too tired lah. The meal was good, on average. A little something happened lol. I praise myself for my gutsy-ness (is there such a word lol). (x Suddenly don’t look forward to my birthday anymore. What is happened? Don’t know. ): Perhaps the feeling will be gone soon after. Working life sucks. Okay that’s random lol.
Moved on to IMM after that. Siew Fong decided to go home. Think she’s really really tired. Take care okay? Anyway, the shuttle bus came really fast. Lucky us. I’m sure if I were to wait alone I’ll have to wait very very very long. Buses all hate me. Oh, then the bus driver drove us all to this weird place (hijack!) and refuelled. HAHA. So funny and interesting, the process. Of course, we talked the most and loudest. Think everyone on the bus knows our plans and Ming Jie’s stupidity already. LOL.
Bought nail varnish! So nice, I like. BUT, not many times for me to put. ): Because working in the F&B industry, I cannot put nail varnish. Sucks.
Shopped a bit more. Saw this nice top/pullover at FOX. Didn’t buy too. Budget me okay. ): Hahaha. I mustn’t give in to 一时的冲动. I’ve no money for me to 一时的冲动 lah.
Happy day! Wei Qian and Shu Xian decided to accompany me to take 188 all the way to CCK interchange to take LRT instead. Crapped all the way. Wheee.
Hui Ying finally gets another blog. Perhaps she’ll be more constant at blogging now. Haha.
Working tomorrow. I shall sleep soon. Good night all! =D It’s not very detailed towards to end but I did try okay. Lalalalalala~

edit: 1.30am



  1. evonnn said,

    i need pizza! argh! LOL! anyway no shopping like me = no good! too much shopping also no good! LOL! good to see you know how to not spend! GOOD! must jiayou! heheh! working life sucks – agreed! even though i haven’t worked. hmm. ur entry abit hard to reply arr. but hmm… i heart abt mingjie! LOL! *touches the shoulder* wEe~

  2. evonnn said,

    oh and regarding my foot,

    virus: attack!!!!
    cells on my foot: ahh! help! we are itching like hell!

    LOL! ok la lame! ;P take care!

  3. WeiQian said,

    Lol. evon seems so high!!…

  4. siew said,

    lol. i see so many of my names. woah. im proud to be dead and tired. cox ppl mentioned mie!!lol.

  5. stella said,

    so damn detailed please.
    im scared of detailed entries

  6. yeeshian said,

    no money = no good!
    😦 😦

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