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November 11, 2006 at 11:22 pm (Ramblings -)

Going out tomorrow with Shu Xian they all. Hope it’ll be good. (:
FUNNY day today after work. Work was slack, and busy! Left some time after my shift.
MY CONTACT LENS TORE! THE RIGHT ONE. TSK. Second time I’m wearing it, only!! Must complain to the uncle. Ask him change for me if possible, I don’t want to wear my specs to work. Lol. Too not so discrete huh.
SIAN LAH. Totally spoilt my mood.
That means I’ve to wear my specs when I go out tmr. Utter sian-ness. TSKTSKTSK. Hard to find clothes that match my specs, I THINK. Blah.
Anyway I am super sian-ed. We have so many participants to take care of!! ): Evern said 16 – 20. OMG. Perhaps even more than that also not sure lor. So many people in a group hard to bond lah. The game one side reach other side the beginning people sian already.
MSN is so &*#$%^&*. KEEPS LOGGING ME OUT. TSK.

EDIT: 1.09AM
I want a mouse. Not that animal people keep as pet mouse but the gadget which can control my cursor in my laptop that mouse. Chu Xiang’s one so nice I want! Logitech de…
EVON!! I don’t understand you…. X:



  1. evonnn said,

    hey! kboxing! LOL! at lot 1? we were nearby today ;P at suki and arcade. fun fun fun!

  2. evonnn said,

    ar iu fwee awn sar-ter-day? LOL! ok i was trying to be stupid. are u free on saturday? ;P

  3. evonnn said,

    oh i mean shir shu and me were at suki and arcade today at lot 1! heheh! tt’s beside kbox mah. LOL! ok la i’m soooo lame, too bored you see. almost 24/7 at fajar macs + sch + home :S no lifer! heheh

  4. evonnn said,

    ehh! i realise i duno wad i’m talking also! :S i must be half aslp ytd! :S

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