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November 10, 2006 at 1:38 am (Ramblings -)

This is the Shu Xian post, after the Wei Qian post some time ago. Lol.
Actually, no lah. Just joking. Haven’t thought of what to post, just that her birthday is coming up soon! After Jun Wei and Lian Kwee. Then soon soon soon it’ll be Shirle’s, then mine, and Wei Qian’s. WHEE.
Finally got something for her. Hope they all cooperate cos I’m damn damn broke right now. ): Super sadness.
Hence, still on saving money scheme. Forever liao lah, this scheme.
Finally got my pay but immediately got so much to pay. Ultimate sadness.
French is getting very difficult.
Must start revision if I don’t want to die at last minute.
Hope Sunday is alright… If not, just the dinner, what you suggest?

PROJECTS ARE KILLING ME. Can’t really understand why some JC students complained about PW some time back when they had so much time to do. ): SIX/SEVEN PROJECTS. OMG. ): ): ): ): I am going to die under stress. ARGH. Deadlines and all, November is a busy busy month, especially if I want to complete these projects before common tests. That’s, four weeks? *faints*

Was crapping with Hui Ping and then mentioned my birthday! HEHEHE she asked what I want! So many things I want but all so expensive ah. TSKTSKTSK.



  1. WeiQian said,

    There are like, shit loads of projects! Not to mention tutorials, lectures, and work! Dammit. the work. Urrrgh.

  2. WeiQian said,

    Oh! Still there’s the common tests and exams. Wow.

  3. evonnn said,

    !!! sheesh! i totally forgot about it with the load of exams! paiseh paiseh! >_

  4. evonnn said,

    actually hor you shouldn’t compare if you know our workload. i took 4 subjects back last year. and i had no time to revise after i finished my homework because by the time i finished everything it’s always around 2 in the morning. not to mention that i didn’t watch tv, did not slack, did not even talk much online. and even isolated myself in school to complete my tutorials.

    plus plus plus. pw is a one time thing. if it’s gone it’s gone! although it’s good that the teachers are there to guide us. but but but, have you seen how many times each phase when we go through we get rejected? in every phase we might even redo the work up to more than 5 times.

    and we didn’t even compare it with you, why must you drag the jc students in? 😦 it’s no fun being in a jc obviously. unless we’re smart a$$es if not we only get enough time to complete our work and perhaps occasionally going out because i get to end school everyday at about 5pm or later and would just go home after that. lessons start at 8 but school starts at 0740.

    do you get what i mean? don’t compare ok? 😦 i’m just trying to state the facts here la, i would have gone to poly if not for my tuition teacher. :S

  5. shuxian said,

    Wah, surprised to see my name. SO I decided to give you a surprise in return by commenting. LOL.

  6. stella said,

    ha, i so agree with evon!
    PW is not as easy as you guys see it is.
    okay okay, everyone who’s studying is having tough times!
    lets not compare and support one another.
    love love.

  7. WeiQian said,

    I think i will be super rich when i get my oay. MWAHAHA..

    Everybody jiayou! And we see shuxian commenting. So rare arhh..

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