/ fabm? sucks.

November 7, 2006 at 1:40 am (Pissed, Ramblings -)

I decided to blog, afterall.
Nothing significant happened today, just that I sat really front for lecture today (because Hui Ping wants to) and fell asleep. And I forgot to remove my nail varnish. Hahaha.
Sometimes I really feel that I don’t have enough time left, though I did nothing to help and continue slacking. Let me update myself the things to be done:
BCA excel (it’s neverending alright) and group project (the PBL). Retarded module. Good thing is, elearning tomorrow (or rather, today!).
BSTA tutorial, classwork (I really really must buck up! At least a B this time!)
MAEC tutorial, reading up (well, it sucks when the tutor has higher expectations but then it’s good too, in a way)
POA tutorial (at least it’s not tough, at least not yet)
FABM tutorial, journals, individual assignment (cuisines around the world), group project (no idea what shit)*
LMS script (group project), read&share (individual assignment)
IAC project (survey – coming up, my friends please do help me when it’s all finalised, please please!! Thanks okay?)

*I really really really want to complain about this module. They said we had to complete forty hours of work experience in the F&B industry, so we’ll only have tutorials on alternate weeks, so that we would have more time to rest and work. Guess what, our tutorial is smacked in the middle of the day, such that in cases whereby we don’t have F&B tutorial, we’ll have to wait three hours before the next tutorial. Besides wanting us to work (and it sure takes up a huge chunk of our lives, especially when we usually have to work a minimum hours every week), we’re supposed to do the journal to reflect our learning experiences and all every week. It’s really really crap. As though it’s not enough, we’ve to complete an individual assignment as well! That, on top of the group project, which we ARE NOT YET assigned our group members because we cannot choose our own members. Like, WTF? Not that I mind being unable to choose who I want to work with, but just because we have tutorials only on alternate weeks hence you decided that we can cope with so much shit? I don’t care even if the lecturer or tutor reads this. Get it clear, I’m Koh Yee Shan from TR61, don’t mix it up with some other innocent party.

I’m quite okay with other modules. In fact, I’m finding it smooth sailing, till now. Just the extreme displeasure at the Food and Beverage Management module. IT SUCKS.

Should sleep soon, have to finish up all my tutorials tomorrow (actually today if you take note of the time) and I’ve to work 12pm till 5pm too. I must 加油加油加油!

On a random note:
I hurt my thumb (okay somewhere near the fingernail of my left thumb) and it hurts like don’t know what. I wonder how I got that little injury. X:
I’m looking forward to my pay very much! It’s deigned to be between the 7th to the 10th of each month. I’m so broke now, it sucks.
I lost my contacts’ case, so now I’m using an older one. Should get new one already, since I’m going to get a new bottle of contact lens solution already, finishing up the current one soon. Want to buy grey contacts for December, am in the process of ‘persuading’ people to join me, lol.
I bought the ALLSWELL Plum Juice Drink today at Giant IMM, since I reached there at about 4.20pm and I start work at 5pm and I’m dying of thirst. Wrong move. But too bad I’m saving money, if not I’ll get form 7-11 or what. People who shop in Giant buy as though everything is almost free and they have an endless supply of money. They buy things in such bulks, you’d never know if they’re going to open a shop or what. Lucky this very very kind lady in front of me decided and allowed me to go first, since I was only buying a bottle of drink. Waited so long just to pay okay. Hence I deduced that I don’t really like Giant when I’m alone.
I removed my fingernails’ varnish though the colour is very nice. Cannot leave it there if I want to work. Oh well, there’s always the toenails!
I really really like my wallet!
I want to take neoprints!
My mummy cooked 红豆黑糯米粥 and it’s damn nice okay. I’m so in love with her culinery skills, doubt I’ll be anywhere near her standards. Or my grandmother’s for that matter. As in, my mummy’s mummy okay, not my dad’s mummy. X: Ask Yee Shian!! She tasted my grandmother’s cooking before! Just that at that time my grandmother didn’t cook her speciality or those super nice and even though not her speciality but I still like kind, overall it’s still good! (OMG I realised I sound incoherent here lol.)
I saw Robin today.
I read Mei Qing’s blog and she’s really funny lol.
My internet student plan ends at March 2007, I think. My brother said my mummy wants to cancel it. ): Don’t know ah, maybe I volunteer to pay? But it’s really extra burden. *sighs: I wish for a super rich godfather who just died* HAHAHA so mean okay. Anyway my youngest brother was like “you pay lah”. So insolent right. I replied “OKAY SURE, I’ll definitely pay but you cannot touch or use the computer at all, how about that?” It certainly left him silent. Useless bum. Only know how to play games and his results sucks. This applies to the primary 3 brother. Kids nowadays are really really obsessed with playing computer games. Whatever happened to that era which loved board games and all? Kids nowadays are annoying.
I remembered that Osgodby said “kids” are the young of a “goat”. Hahaha.
My house is really really in the process of being taken over, by sickening red ants. TSK.
Oh yah, that brings me back to the ‘internet’ topic. I should continue right, but if I’ve to pay, I’ll really be very very stressed. ): Then again, I need the internet, to chat (of course right, though I suspect the irritating msn hates me), the do projects, research and all. OH WELL. ): Hate thinking. It’s still quite sometime from now, and March 2007 we’ll be having our holidays! WHOOSH!
Okay, that’s about all, I’m getting rather tired. GOODNIGHT!



  1. evonnn said,

    well as we get older, workload sure becomes heavier! things will never be ‘done’ because ok let’s say in work, we will never say get done with a semester or term or whatsoever right? that’s the bad thing.

    so point is, we gotta learn to cope. and i say that you guys definitely have to learn to pick it up faster than the jc people. because in jc, most of the things are still assigned and given to us to tell us exactly what to do. things eventually will be thrown to us to settle as we all grow older.

    but still, don’t give up. it’s because we all grow older, we are supposed to become more responsible, more capable, more manageable with our time, thus all the shit. juggle with it. don’t let the shit land on you. 😉 take care!


  2. siew said,

    ya. its really shit. i really feel lyk complaining sia. just because we nida clocked 40 hrs of work, im kana stucked in all dese shit. when i can find a better job in retail or something. lol.

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