/ for wei qian love

November 6, 2006 at 2:27 am (Uncategorized)

Felt that the stress is really getting to Wei Qian. Take care, girl! You must learn to adapt, to emerge stronger and better. You mustn’t be daunted by little setbacks (especially if the setback includes a balding old man). Take care loads, alright? I know the stress you’re going through. This semester’s heavy workload isn’t helping. I’ll try my best to help if possible okay? If you’re unable to attend lectures must let me know ahead of time so that I can help you pay attention and do notes properly. (: You’ve got an extra project as compared to me this semester, Written Communications. Jia you lots okay?
Meanwhile, all the best for your projects and tutorials and everything. Hope you can cope with everything. I managed to, though at times all I want to do is slack and cry and sleep and complain and scold everything and not want to face reality and all the crap.
It’s been a long long time since we even had a good chat, much less going out together and have fun. I’m looking forward to this Sunday!

LMS group project, LMS read&share, IAC group project, FABM individual assignment, FABM group project, BCA group project, BCA endless excel shit, tutorials….. For you, WCOM too.

GAMBATTE! (did I spell it correctly?)

Love you loads, darling taoyan! (shy) hahaha. =D



  1. WeiQian said,

    OMG! I’m so flattered! =)) *shy*

    I will jiayou. =)) And i’m no longer thinking abt the balding angmoh incident. I believe in karma, and karma will make him lose all his hair sooner or later! MWAHAHA..

    Meanwhile, I’ll try to juggle those stuff! =)

  2. evonnn said,

    he’s bad that’s why he’s balding. may all his body hair drop off! man w/o hair = tortoise w/o shell! SHAMEFUL!!! =X

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