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November 4, 2006 at 12:37 am (Uncategorized)

As I stared at this page, demanding myself to at least blog something about my day, suddenly my mind drew a blank. The lack of the ability to compose anything coherant seems to be even more prominent. BAD.
Finally I forced myself to type the above obscure sentence. FORCED.
My day was alright, that’s about all I can manage. I was late for LMS group meeting, AGAIN. Woke up at 10.30am when we’re supposed to meet at 10am. Second meeting so far, I’m late for both. DISASTROUS.
Meeting was alright, quite productive. Lesson was average, the tutor is still very dramatic. Had another productive group meeting. Have to do the outline for the script, hopefully ideas can flow into my mind smoothly. HOPEFUL.
Astro was another long long wait. Gastric pain seems to be visiting me very often. SUCKS.
Astro lecture was informative, did learn something. Should type out the notes later on, just for the sake of typing something. Night observation was not productive, but did see the moon in a very nice perspective. It’s been a long time since we had a clear sky. Feels loaded with information, not sure if I can remember it or not, though I know by the time camp starts I would have at least a rough idea of the topics. BRAINOVERLOAD.
Should continue with the script. THINKING.
Working tomorrow. Going out with Chu Xiang afterwards. Don’t know if his flu will be gone by then or not. WORRIED.
Full of emotions. FLOODED.



  1. yeeshian said,

    u managed to come up with an entry in the end for me to comment on! woo~ 😀

  2. evon said,

    cheer up! 😉 sleep early so you can wake up early!

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