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November 1, 2006 at 12:30 am (Random)

Finally filled the application form, and got many queries answered. AND HOR, from November onwards (EH that means from now onwards since it’s past midnight) our pay (those whose pay is miserable $4.50) is raised to $5! Yay. Though it does not mean that I’m rich, still as poor as ever. Lol, we’re supposed to submit two passport sized photos. I used up mine already, so I gotta take another one. I told manager that I’m very poor now, no money take photo, next month (aka this month lah) submit. Then she smiled, lol. Oh yah, the public holiday 1.5 times pay thingy cheat de lah! X: Lol, as in, must work on the day itself (duh) and either the day before or the day after before I can get the 1.5 times pay for the public holiday. Didn’t know that last time, LUCKILY I worked the day after Hari Raya, if not that’s about $25 gone, five hours of work!!

Went to Pizza Hut for lunch today with Wei Qian and Siew Fong. Did enjoy myself loads, yay! (: Just that the three of us are now super broke lol. Paiseh leh, Wei Qian, for persuading you to go home yet I pangseh-ed you to take 67. But Siew Fong did go up with you, just that she alighted soon after. X: Paiseh paiseh okay! Anyway it was raining, rather inconvenient to take your pay, cheers! Take already also cannot use, 痛苦 leh!
It was drizzling soon after I boarded 67 at the stop near KAP, we went there to take bus, Siew Fong must be super late in meeting her mum lol. Then it started to rain. When the bus passed by either Keat Hong or South View LRT Station (I’m not sure) it suddenly changed to this horrible horrible downpour with the lightning and thunder. Went home taking 307. Alighted at the bus stop opposite instead of taking one big round into Yew Tee and coming out and alighting at the one with the shelter to the block I reside in cos I had this urge to shit. LOL. There was this mini-flood at the bus stop. About five centimeters above my ankles! S: Drenched my jeans and luckily my slippers not affected, and it’s not slippery! Hehehe.
Went to work, was dozing off on 188. Eyes really dry ah, think is because I wore contacts and bathed. Not enough time ah, no choice. Mummy specially cooked before I left for work so that I can eat! (: (: (: Oh yah, anyway, my colleague Angel was like, “you look like you just woke up”. No, really! Just that my eyes are dry and a little painful. It got better after a while though. Was still as cold there, hence I took to wearing my shirt (the Fish&Co one) over another top since Monday. Still cold okay! It makes me look fatter too lol. Really won’t perspire working there. But if shirt no direct contact with skin no need everyday wash right, very mafan if sometimes 来不及. Hahaha, excuses? =P
Today was an okay day at work. Two newcomers. Not stressed. Busy but didn’t use the waiting list. (: Three reservations. Two birthday celebrations. HAHAHAHA. And a halloween celebrating group. So cute ah the little girl and boys! Hahaha, very entertaining ah, them. All dressed up and participated in the guessing game actively. HEHEHE. (: I like entertaining customers!

X: I didn’t say BCA is a rigid person. Eh, cannot state names all these so clearly, who knows who is reading this? LOL.



  1. slashmylove said,

    OMG I have super super STM! X: I can’t remember what else I wanted to blog about though I remember remembering it just now! Hehehehe.

  2. WeiQian said,

    LOL!. haha…

  3. evon said,

    hahahaha! bca is a person ar? it sounds like a course or module or whatsoever. LOL =X ahhh!!! i will get my pizza hut 16 days later. *whistles*

  4. yeeshian said,

    haha i also though BCA is a module! :X wah now modules go ard snooping on blogs. :S

  5. evon said,

    hahaha! yesh they are personified. =X hahaha!

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