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October 31, 2006 at 9:38 am (Random)

NEXT WEEK BCA E-LEARNING! That means, no school on Tuesday. YAY. I shall work, and enter my schedule as what, 10am – 4pm. HEHEHE.
Alright, that’s all for now. I’m forever tired. I love zoo land or animal land biscuits! (: (: (:
Shall update later or what. Maybe just edit this post to add on. Tata~

ADDED: 10.51AM.
BCA is boring. A very rigid person. Hais. MSN is good. Lousy internet connection is not. ): My laptop’s wireless isn’t good. HEY BUT THE REST ALL VERY GOOD OKAY. I want to chat chat chat chat chat! Blahs. All so busy. Chu Xiang and partner. SIAN. I’m falling asleep. TSK.



  1. WeiQian said,

    LOL. bca is not a rigid person. our tutor is. He is unreasonable la!

  2. shirley said,

    bca is a retarded module. haha

  3. evon said,

    what is bca? got abc? =X hehehehe ok not funny >_

  4. anqi~ said,

    so cool! halloween celeb?…

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