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October 29, 2006 at 4:35 pm (Chinese, Emo)

Disappointment is probably the most felt emotion this week. Didn’t disclose the password to the previous post to anyone. Don’t ask okay. I was disappointed when I couldn’t make it to BPGHS’ last campfire at the campus beside Bethany home before it’s going to be demolished. I chose to go for my cca. It turns out to be another disappointment. Totally disorganised. There were people who didn’t turn up, simply because they “had something on”. What kind of reason is this, complete crap. As a member of a particular cca, the minimum one can do is to turn up everytime, yet some of them couldn’t even meet this minimum requirement. It leads one to wonder how much exactly do they view their cca as, is it of any importance at all? I’m kind of losing faith in the management. There isn’t even a fixed attendance system. *sighs* Then I got reminded of BPnetball. It wasn’t super organised, but at least people turned up for trainings, sometimes which even I dread, but still turn up. What’s so hard about turning up for Astronomy without valid reasons? I am so disheartened. I wish the netball days whereby the four of us train hard and complain hard together. I miss BPGHS loads. I still can’t believe it that I chose to attend my cca. I don’t even get attendance cca points okay. Really hope something could be done to improve. People with I-don’t-care-less attitude, I can’t really do anything about it. Perhaps a lecture about the importance might do, but it might backfire and people just stopped turning up. Whatever. I should really start to care less. If not I’ll get stressed by irrelevant stuff as well.

It sucks. Stress sucks.
Alright, I’ve to get to work already. I’m starting to like to do tutorials, I’m going insane. Someone save me okay. -.-” So much to do. Research for LMS, perhaps IAC, astronomy. Don’t know what my partners want either. ): So fucked up about everything.

Disappointed in my life, or maybe the people around me. I should stop having such high expectations. The higher the expectations the greater the disappointment. Sometimes I wish life could return to its simple ways when I was still so innocent and unaware of the realistic world.

IF someday a meteor the size of Singapore hits Earth, all of us will perish, just like dinosaurs. And when will that happen? Sometimes I couldn’t help but wish that it comes sooner.

I need to buy more shorts! ): I’m broke! Can’t wait for pay day.

I shall hereby declare, once more, I loathe stupid people.


或许,我应该开始偶尔以华文来记载我生活的一切小细节。 (:

Yes An Qi! That’s my point. Like, wtf right. And what “got something on”. And left at that without further explanation. Or worse would be the mummy thing. Bullshit.
Hehehe Evon, never mind lah. Nice to know that you care! (:

Sudden realisation that so far I’ve been punctual for my lectures! Well, at least, in my part I was in school early. Excluding time spent on waiting for others. And for most tutorials. With the exception of the first LMS and the two French lessons I had so far. X:
I want to go shopping. ): I want that esprit top!



  1. evon said,

    i was going to ask. :S cheer up ok my girl! life’s a disappointment sometimes. let that building with all the blocks you hanged out at be in your heart. i know we are all able to draw the places out just where it is. i’m going to miss it too. bp is a very nice place, everything was there for us. now that we are outside, we miss it because it was so damn nice! but trust me, because we know what is good in bp, we’re supposed to make use of that knowledge to apply it to our circle of influence now. we shall make what we do become organised. that’s what bp wants us to become, that’s what bpians are. i said bpians are a cut above the rest. this is what i mean. don’t let what bp gave you go to waste ok? we know we’re the best and we’ll always be bpians. i love bpians! i love you! and anytime, anywhere if you ever need me, i’ll get to you anyway i can! take lots of care and till the 19 days end.

  2. evon said,

    oops grammar mistake! *hung out at. no such word as ‘hanged’ my gp tutor is so going to kill me! =X

  3. anqi~ said,

    same sentiments… thr’s just no commitments…
    no matter how much we dread gettin yelled at by coach rose, we turned up promptly before official training time n did our warm ups etc…
    elsewhr now, ppl have the so-called valid reasons for not turning up or being late…
    “i have something on”
    “my mum disallowed my attendance”
    “i overslpt”
    oh fuck man!… like y bother joining a cca when ur mum disallowed ur attendance… CCA isnt compulsory…

    *sorry for my crudeness*

  4. evon said,

    i understand that feeling. =X but i guess we experienced it everywhere we go. and the best we can do is try to do the best we can. take for example in pw group. the people ain’t doing a lot either. but well, that’s life. you either follow it or make it follow you. i choose the latter. =)

  5. evon said,

    wEe~ i love chinese too! 我也可以哦!哈哈!加油咯!但我仍然相信人也有一些是为他人而活的。虽然这个想法很单纯,很笨,很幼稚,但我相信简单。

  6. evon said,

    wEe~ i love chinese too! 我也可以哦!哈哈!加油咯!但我仍然相信人也有一些是为他人而活的。虽然这个想法很单纯,很笨,很幼稚,但我相信简单。i just flooded your blog. paiseh.

  7. yeeshian said,

    i want to type chinese leh, how to type har. haha.
    anyway, yeeshan! we can go on an outing back to bp anytime before they move, right? get a visitor pass and walk ard the sch or something. 😀
    and the task to find out poh’s retirement date is on you!! *gasps*

    ok whatever. must take care! 🙂

  8. WeiQian said,

    heyhey! cheers. We shall go eat and shop whn we get our pay! i’d be getting my pay too! though it’s only for my first two weeks. We go pig out ok?? FONDUE!!! =))

  9. evon said,

    i want to eat! feed me feed me! LOL!

  10. stella said,

    oh well, i miss trainings too!
    once a Bpian, always a Bpian.
    just remember that 😉

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