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October 27, 2006 at 12:20 am (Ramblings -)

Two consecutive rainy days.

Yesterday’s rainy day was great!
The day began with me waking up totally refreshed. Good sign. Met up with Wei Qian to go school together, lecture was okay, tutorials were alright. Work was fantastic. There weren’t many customers, especially my section. That means, relax! Talk and talk and talk. Hahahaha. FINALLY got my server tag, no longer have to pin that funny looking trainee badge. Yay. Another good sign. Hehehe. Then our manager invited us to go his house for Hari Raya next Monday. HEE. So now we not working on Monday. Oh, supposed to work till 10pm, completed my closing job at 9.30pm and I wasn’t even in charge of closing, anything, just that I’d too much time so I helped, then everyone can go back earlier! In the end went home at 11pm instead. Lol. Ate there! YUMMY FOOD. Yay! Gotta remember to photocopy my bankpassbook and NRIC, if not I won’t get my pay. They didn’t even inform me, wth, I asked my colleague. NVM. I shall call them tmr and ask.

Today’s rainy day wasn’t bad either.
Hehehe. Today’s lecture was average. Quite tired. I REALLY THINK THURSDAYS ARE CURSED. I still am more tired on Thursday mornings. Weird weird weird weird weird. Anyway MAEC tutorial was okay, first one still easy. Blur me. Felt a little unwell today, I don’t know why, but am okay now.

Had been too tired to come online to blog recently. Working AND studying is tiring, so must really make use of time to study, revise and rest.

Tomorrow is the last day for BPGHS already. Last official school day anyway. School holidays start, GCE’O’ Level, DEMOLISH. ): ): ): Can’t go back to see the school one last time tomorrow, unable to fork out any time. ): ): ): BE SAD PLEASE. HAIS. They’re moving to that lok kok school. Hahahaha, I remembered that De La Salle School and Greenridge Primary School used to share the premises, one on morning session, the other afternoon. So, Shirle and I were premises-mate since then! LOL. Hopefully the new BPGHS will be a nice and lovely one, but it’ll never be the same again, for the memories held there would gradually be erased and removed, along with the building. After all, we did complete our secondary school education in that not-as-colourful-as-Bethany-Home building. Can’t believe it that I thought that nicely painted Bethany Home was part of BPGHS when I chose BPGHS as my first choice for PSLE. Funny me.

BPGHS – (: (: (: (: (: I’m so glad I came from BPGHS (though people thought that we MUST be very smart and all. HEY NO, I proven that wrong. HEHEHEHE. Normative statement there. -.-“)

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  1. siew said,

    aights. i din have da chance to go back bp too. ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

  2. evon said,

    i still believe bpians are a cut above the rest =X

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