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October 23, 2006 at 11:29 pm (Ramblings -)

School was alright. Took 975 to the interchange today, lucky I did because 184 was filled at the second stop. Saw Hui Ping and Woon Lan there too. Hahaha. My BSTA tutorial class was okay. MAEC was boring. I fell asleep for a while. BSTA lecture was okay, predictable. Ended early. Yay.
Rushed home after BSTA lecture. Get their presents and left after eating a waffle. Was so hungry then cos I didn’t consume anything since last night. Then left for JP! Reached there in about 45 minutes. Met up and enjoyed myself. PAISEH SHUXIAN for owing you money. Will return asap ok. I’m damn damn damn poor now. ): HAIS.
Watched deathnote. Was okay lor. Still think that Light is so ugly. TSK.
Went home after that. Am tired, shan’t blog more. Maybe elaborate tomorrow or what but I guess it’s highly possible that this post will be left as it is. Working 10am till 9pm tomorrow. GAMBATTE TO ME.



  1. shuxian said,

    Lol. Light should be nicer! He’s so much more shuai in the comic lor. Arghs. A bit disappointing. But deathnote is still nice la, cept it can be nicer. Rar. L is very ugly too. Changs. I enjoyed myself too! A LOT. :DD

  2. aH kuN said,

    wOrk from 10am to 9pm ?
    OMG..mUx rESt well wORx .

  3. yeeshian said,

    wah, u are working for such long hours! must jiayou ok, think of the pay u’ll get! haha.

  4. saddyboi said,

    deathnote nice ma.. why okok? >.

  5. stella said,

    have fun at work!

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