/ spicy lala ramen

October 22, 2006 at 11:54 pm (Random)

Went out with Chu Xiang again today. Whoo, eighth day consecutively. 找罪受 again today, a last minute decision. HEE. Went Ramen Ten for Spicy Lala Ramen!! No photos. It’s wasn’t as spicy as the one I had with Wei Qian. Hahaha. But the lala is different le, not as good as last time. Hmms. Mushroom ramen is good too! Ramen Ten’s ramen all rather savoury. Yum yum. I can sense the money going down into my stomach and coming out. Hahaha.
After that, walked to Lucky Plaza there and took the bus to Suntec City and Marina Square. WAH Lucky Plaza a lot of maids around! X: Walked around Suntec City and Marina Square, ate a little and went Lot One before returning home. Alright, it wasn’t so short, I just made it sound short. Haha, saw Jun Wei at Suntec City today. He’s funny lah. Nice also. Very good friend indeed. (:
Happy day. Hee. GOOD.
Don’t look forward to tomorrow, not anymore. Cos I’ve to bring all those presents! SO BIG. X: NINE O’CLOCK CLASS = MANY PEOPLE & SQUEEZY BUS.

DAMN FUNNY. Watch it. NTU students are very entertaining. Thanks partner for sharing! LOL.
“Is your moustache the source of your knowledge?”
“If yes, then please don’t set so difficult questions because most of us don’t have moustache.”



  1. evon said,

    go to school earlier la! anyway yar so many maids there. that time come and squeeze my seat. @#$%^&* hahahaha!

  2. WeiQian said,

    oh! i think dun need bring xueting’s present. she not going, i think.. Hmm..

  3. Zibaoji said,

    Hahax yup yup you are the best gelato girl. Never forgotten. Provide excellent customer service and smiling to brighten up others. lol

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