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October 22, 2006 at 1:02 am (Ramblings -)

For the first time in months, I had breakfast with my whole family. It’s so funny. Hahaha. My first time in my dad’s new car too. I’m so damn lag okay. Tsk. WAH I TELL YOU, Singaporeans are really really really very very kiasu. The temple at Teck Whye (near PJC) was giving out free pencil cases and bags. The queue was all the way till Choa Chu Kang Community Center. Best sia. -.-” Went Bukit Timah for breakfast. Had nasi lemak. Yay I like. Hmm. Drank a bit of sugar cane too. X: For those who don’t know, you might want to tell me then I email you that article. Haha. So far, so good. Going to work later, but not yet. Will update this entry again when I’m back. My brother is so lazy, tsk. Took us AGES to get him out of bed. And he’s the one who sleeps most everyday, being in the afternoon session. WTH. Going to meet Chu Xiang later too, before I go for work. Left my file with him, and it has my certificate for the typhiod injection and my tutorials and all. Evelyn’s nice, she lent me her SAM account which hopefully, the password is correct, lol. Alright, update again later. OH, I might as well publish this later, just save this entry for now. Okay, time now is 1.29pm, SAVED. Working 5pm till 11pm. Hmmms. Woke up so early and slept so late last night. Shall take a short nap before going for work. Whooo. AU REVOIR, for now.

Alright, work was okay. Was supposed to do 15 feedback forms today. BUT I DIDN’T SUCCEED. ): Only managed 13. Jo promised me a seafood platter if I manage to get 15!! Blahs! X: Other than that, not mistakes today. Yay. Am working on Tuesday morning, Wednesday night and Saturday morning. I get more pay on public holidays, yay!
Okay lah, quite tired to add more.

evon, yah, I’ve no choice. TSK.
jem, I’m not sure, that’s why. They didn’t say anything so I assume I am? At least till the first FABM tutorial. Some people have no sense of responsibility, it’s hard having to chase after them for the stuff. X:
anqi! Hahaha, yes, poor girl, LITERALLY! -.-“



  1. evon said,

    money flowing in! close your tap ok? LOL if not it’ll flow out again.

  2. WeiQian said,

    woooohoooo! haha. I was here! lol..

  3. saddyboi said,

    the pencil case and bags are from the confucious temple rite? take le can study well leh.. sure everybody wants it ma… lol.. but i din go take hor… :X

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