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October 21, 2006 at 1:33 am (Ramblings -)

Woke up at 11.30am today. YAY. So nice to be able to SLEEP until I wake up naturally. (: *SILLY WIDE GRIN* Had lovely satay for breakfast, LOL. At about… 12.45pm. After I brought my brother to school, when I reached home my mummy was almost done with the first few. Yayness. Left home at 2pm today. Alright, a LITTLE after 2pm. Heee. Ended up being late. Paiseh, Edith!! Waited quite a bit for the bus too. X:

Manager called me at 3pm today. Think they’re really short of manpower. And he refuses to believe that I’ve cca. -.-” Anyway the LMS lesson was quite okay. Rather interesting. Just that the teacher a bit mean when we entered the room. At block 53! I thought 56 lor. 53 so far!! And during the lesson saw Tommy and Vincent leaving. Lol. Waved to me but can’t really expect me to react right, later the tutor gl how.

Went RP for astro today, after slacking and doing French homework in clubhouse and dinner. Was quite okay lor. The haze was horrible still. Didn’t really like the school. Oh, the seats in the LT very comfy, like movie theatre like that. Then make people want to sleep. -.-” Got camera inside somemore sia. The school NO signboards one, all use paper and BLU-TACK them. -.-” OH NOW CAN SEE CAPRICORN. Supposedly. If there wasn’t the annoying haze. TSK. ):

I want to watch “SILK”! So glad we’re going to watch “Deathnote” on Monday. Yay.
Okay, gtg. BIG SECRETIVE THING. Hahaha. Au revoir!


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  1. evon said,

    i got a little confused by your capital lettered words. movieeeees >_

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