October 21, 2006 at 12:41 pm (Pissed)

TRM people all have a fine dining workshop on Saturday, any one of the five dates. AND I AM SO FRIGGING PISSED BECAUSE NOT MANY PEOPLE BOTHER TO COME FORWARD TO TELL ME THE DATES THEY WANT, THEIR FULL NAME AND STUDENT NUMBER. Even if you don’t care, don’t you realise that your retardedness (NOT that stupid retard retard, is the late retard retard) will affect everyone? Particularly those who want to go for the earlier dates and slots available are limited? Wth. Inconsiderate people. If don’t like me then get someone else to compile everything and submit to April! ASAP! Why waste my time? This is outrageous. Utterly ridiculous. Absolutely horrible. TSK. I don’t think many of my classmates, if any, reads my blog. BUT I AM GOING TO SUBMIT IT ON MONDAY NIGHT, 11.59PM, 23 OCTOBER 2006. Don’t care anymore. If the very few people who reads this and coincidentally happens to be my classmate, HELP ME ASK okay, thanks. EMAILS PREFERED when I’m offline. Once again. SO FRUSTRATED. Arghs! !@#$%^&*(


Oh, so many capital letters. RUDENESS OVERWHELMS ME. Muahahahahhaa. TSK.



  1. evon said,

    haha even i may have that kind of laziness. perhaps you could ask them 1 by 1, if you really have no choice. =) i believe you will do your part well. all the best my dear.

  2. jem said,

    hey. u still class rep? haha.

  3. anqi~ said,

    oh poor girl… chill~

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