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October 20, 2006 at 12:09 am (Ramblings -)

Woke up at 7.40am today. Thought I’ll be late and smsed Wei Qian. Turns out that I was quite fast, was ready and waiting for bus 307 at 8am. Ended up reaching just in time. Hee. Wei Qian walked slower so that our times can match nicely. Then reached school earlier than expected. That Jun Yi pangseh, AGAIN. Sian lah. So frigging mafan one. As if wait awhile will die like that. TSK. Then end up being late for lecture still. Still pissed about it. Shan’t say much.
Lecture ended. Accompanied Wei Qian and Edith to canteen one for their lunch. HAZE WAS SO BAD OKAY. Edith’s in the same IS classes as me. Then left together with Wei Qian, she ponned WCOM. Tsktsk. Anyway we went home, talking happily and all.
Finally had that injection. Lol. Was pain when the nurse was taking out the needle. X: Then other than that still quite okay, other than an occasional slight ache. But when I knocked into something, SO OMG OKAY.
Saw Xue Ting after that, she was a bit blind today, lol. The haze lah! Made her sick and blur-er!
Went home, ate and had a short nap. HAZE WAS STILL BAD!
Mum woke me up. Got ready to go out again. To meet Chu Xiang before French. Didn’t revise at all. Hahahaha. Wei Qian’s sms was so funny. -.-” WE WANT STEAMBOAT. Hahahhaa. HAZE STILL HORRIBLE, PSI 113!!
Went BPP. Met, talked, ate.
Went to school. Late. Still can understand though. Yay. Chatted with Hui Ping and she said she saw a bloody scene at a block of flat opposite Petir LRT Station. Like, as though some guy was murdered/committed suicide and there was blood and the corpse was covered. So gross. I only saw two people cleaning up some lift landing when I was looking out for it. Lol. Lucky I didn’t see it anyway. It might have happened earlier because Wei Qian and I took 75 when we went home just now too, just that we were talking too much to pay attention to our surroundings. HEE.
Back to Lot One. Ate (AGAIN, omg I’m so going to be so much fatter lol). Went to Laserflair. Wanted to rend something. THEN SUDDENLY I realise everyone’s gone, as in the customers. The workers cleaning up le, so left quickly, as normal as possible. Lol. They ah, want to close never say anything one. Tsk. Bought drinks at 7-11. Went home.
HOME! Hahahaa. What a good narration. -.-” Wei Qian!! Be honoured leh, I mentioned your name SO MANY TIMES! 😀



  1. weiqian said,

    Haha. SO HONOURED! Too bad im lazy to blog.. but when i do, i’d make sure u see ur name as big as possible, okay?? To reciprocate you.. =)))

  2. evon said,

    haze is killing me

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