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October 17, 2006 at 11:08 pm (Random)

Hahahaha, random. Swensens’ nice. Yum.
Today was a good day.
OHYAH, went Causeway Point. There’s this CD shop there, and it still has YAN ZI’s CD, the deluxe version!! I thought in Singapore all sold out already!

I’m uber broke already.
Oh yah, there’s this blood donation thing going on at the Convention Center from 11pm – 5pm till Friday. Go and donate blood if you dare!

Okay, short post, but seem long with all the “enter” I pressed. Lol. SIEWFONG, happy, MANY MANY paragraphs. HEE.

Shirley, thanks for telling. (:
Shu Xian! YAH! First time your birthday NOT during school holidays!!
SQ, I know lor, spend all your money on her right! Hahaha.

OMG, how come all their names start with a “S”? -.-”



  1. saddyboi said,

    no la… anyhow sae… -.-

  2. siew said,

    heyo. my name starts with s too. lol. YES! dere are indeed lots of paragrapghs. lol. but eur entry is not long. pengz.

  3. stella said,

    me too me too!

  4. WeiQian said,

    the blood donation is next week! haha..

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