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October 16, 2006 at 12:30 am (Random)

Yesterday’s work was actually pleasant despite being short of staff. Johnathan was in a lovely mood. We suspect the presence of the pretty girl in the kitchen. LOL.
Today went to Fish & Co, Suntec’s outlet. Quite small lor. Yay I’m officially very broke now. Last day of holidays, I enjoyed it with my dearest. Lalala.
OMG such a short entry. Must think of things to add on.


– There was this utterly cute girl yesterday at my workplace there. SO adorable. OMG!! So likeable too! Hahaha, go gaga over a little girl. Really, super cute. I heart cute boys and girls. Especially the way they light up when they receive something nice, like balloons. Lol. That little boy was so lovely too! *melts*

– I still want to buy a bag!!

– I’m only working on Wednesday 12pm – 4pm and Saturday 5pm – 11pm this week! Hmm, want to go out next week must tell me by Wednesday!! Monday 23 October already going out with several loggies to watch “Deathnote” together. (: OH, this Saturday is Deepavali, hopefully not so many people. Hahahaha I’ve never worked on Sunday before. Lalalalala.

– I still have Hui Ying, Yee Shian and Xue Ting’s birthday presents!!

– I’m tired. ):



  1. Yee Shian said,

    i will bug you for my present soon! hahahaha~ this monday! hahahahha. 😀

  2. Yee Shian said,

    LINK ME!!!! i go home then link you. :p

  3. WeiQian said,

    Wahhhh! And still got ppl haven pay me for the presents! i think. Haha.. =p

  4. siew said,

    i paid weiqian okay. i guess im da first one lol. im looking forward to da movie! but hopefully we wun pass by coffee bean. lol.

  5. evon said,

    hmm! i got IMM twice but you weren’t there!

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