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October 16, 2006 at 9:53 pm (Ramblings -)

New semester, not all new modules though. ): Hahahhahaa, I shall be positive, at least I don’t have to go all the way to LT45 for WCOM lecture. Lalalala. Today was a terribly tiring day, I’ve no idea why. Didn’t really use much brains today either, I wonder why I’m so tired. -.-” I don’t know why. Tsk. Heavy heavy bag today. Thank goodness I met up with Chu Xiang. If not… I can go crazy from carrying all that home. So ohmygod lah! Not looking forward to tomorrow. SO EARLY OMG. Oh, SQ I remember you wearing that shirt A LOT of times already lor! Lol.

Any idea what bus goes to JP from NP?

Should I work next Tuesday? Hari Raya Puasa?

Still so tired. My blog getting very meaningless nowadays, not much content. Hahaha, don’t care.

AD – Alamak, Do so good, mad already.
A – Ah, not bad already sia.
B – Better than C, but still….
C – Can do lor, but got to try harder
D – Die lah, almost failing, how how?
F – Flunked! Repeat! DIE.

Alright, this post is SO random okay. My eyes are still so dry.
I hate the haze! It’s like, so wth. TSK. They want burn stuff their problem then now affect us, so mean lah. TSK. TSK. TSK.

Oh yeah. I really really need to get a new bag. This bag kills my shoulders. Especially when most of the time it’s heavy. ): Actually, which bag doesn’t. Lol. BUT BUT BUT this bag a bit spoil spoil le. HAIS. I’m so frigging poor. ): It’s about time to set up an YSF – Yee Shan Fund. Lol.
I still want N73, even though Apple got it already. Maybe I’ll change my mind, but not yet. Lalala. AND THE RED IPOD IN CHING CHING’S BLOG. Oh, Sin Huey’s CD, when it’s released. MY DEMANDS EXCEED SUPPLY, by a lot a lot. AIYOH.

Yee Shian, not today bah, linking people is mafan, I’m lazy. HEH.
Wei Qian, I PAID!!
Siew Fong, I also paid already lor. And I spent extra on the wrapping paper though I haven’t wrapped it nicely yet.
Evon, wrong day lah! Hahaha. X: Nvm, next time I post up what time I work okay? But don’t go wreck havoc make my life difficult lol. =P



  1. shirley said,

    hmm, 154 from opp NP^^

  2. shuxian said,

    hey, my birthday leh. one month. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. saddyboi said,

    haha.. i so poor no money to buy shirt le leh… just bear wif me ba.. lol..

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