/ i feel like a japanese when i’m working

October 14, 2006 at 1:50 am (Ramblings -)

From the bowing and the continuous muttering of thanks, omg, I think I’m rather suited for the ever-so-polite Japanese. -.-” Work’s still as usual. Yay, a customer asked for my name! Not bad thing okay, it’s for the feedback form, very good to be mentioned cause it means I’ve provided good service and might be useful for pay rise. (: (: (: So happy, I’ve only been working there for how long, not even two weeks. That customer was super uhh, entertaining. Yeah, makes us all go “errhhhhhh” from his utter lame jokes. -.-” Nonetheless enjoyed serving him, not to forget he asked for my name okay. Yay yay yay. I like good customers who like me enough to ask me for my name to mention in the feedback form. Wahs, their feedback form uber high-tech okay. PDA one hor, no joke. If some customer decides that they shall run away when it’s my turn on duty to collect feedback, DIE, that’ll be one thousand dollars running away~~~ Oh yes, seems that there’re customers who left without paying! So mean. ): Lucky I wasn’t in charge, if not me die. So mean ah me. Hahahaha.
Met up with Stella today (yesterday, since today is technically Saturday already), damn funny lah, that girl. HEHS, enjoy the open house.
Been quite lazy to blog. Hahaha, was already quite late when I reached home after work.
Part of me wants school to start, part of me doesn’t. =/ Part of me wants to know my new classmates, part of me no. Blahs!!
Alright, with the new lecture notes and everything.. I need someone to help me print my notes for the first week, okay, perhaps just notes for the first two days, after that I can go BA Level 5 to print it myself. Anyone can help? Please?


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  1. stella said,

    lol, guess what?
    i ponned openhouse 🙂

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