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October 12, 2006 at 1:28 am (Ramblings -)

My deardear in Mersing, my partners in Mersing, my darling taoyan at cruise, my ‘mummy’ at cruise too. BLAH. I couldn’t go Mersing, I’m not interested in cruise. Hais. All overseas. I’m so bored. I miss my deardear loads. I haven’t really miss my partners and darling and ‘mummy’ – yet.
Work today was alright. I really do prefer hectic hours. I hate doing the closing still. I saw Rui Shan, she’s in PJC now, she’s working at Pepper Lunch, just beside us Fish & Co. Hahaha. In JC still can work, pro sia. Anyway, we get 10% discount at Fish & Co one okay! Hehs. (: I WANT TO GO FISH & CO AGAIN, preferably within this month again, best before school resumes. Lol. Anyone interested? =D =D =D =D =D
I was so surprised when I received deardear’s sms just now. (: Using Jun Wei’s handphone. Damn ex lah. X:
Hope all of them are having fun, whether at cruise or Malaysia. I’m so lazy to blog nowadays. Blahs.
Went out with deardear yesterday (Tuesday). Had loads of fun. The pork rib at Cafe Cartel damn big portion. OMG okay. Going out on weekdays are definitely lovely, because there aren’t so many people around. Watched “You, Me and Dupree” too. It’s quite okay, I was too busy being sick than actually paying attention to the movie. Quite funny here and there though. That reminds me, I was totally sick on Tuesday when I woke up. Think the camp and haze caused it. Feeling so much better now as compared to Tuesday morning. Lalalala. I’m a good girl, I ate! Lol. I had dinner at my workplace. It’s quite okay, the rice, the chicken’s not bad. Yumyum. Hahahaha working at Fish & Co is so much better than Cafe Cartel. I get meals, I get staff discount. =P Which they don’t. Hehs. So mean of me. Alright lah, got to dry my hair and sleep already. So tired. My panda eyes are getting worse. ):



  1. stella said,

    deardear and darling?
    im confused. lol.

  2. anqi~ said,

    mmm.. that doesnt sound like u… must be all cause of the haze… are u alright? lolx~

  3. evon said,

    ehh! must share one ok? LOL! take care lots! my a levels ending in 35 days! omg! no time to lose!

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