/ i’m no longer with you

October 10, 2006 at 12:50 am (Ramblings -)

French class’ timetable is SO spoiler! ): Thursday, when I end at 1pm. X:
Today’s work was slack. Too many staff. Three newbies I think. Heh. Then have to teach them. They not so smart lah, gotta repeat several times, quite irritated. Then not many customers either, even got some time no customer at all. I hate it lah, I prefer it when we’re busy. Big boss came. Oooh, I had to clean the glass windows! Hahahaha. Ericia Lee came too. She’s quite pretty. Time passes SO slowly when we’re not busy. ):
After that went for dinner with Evon, Xue Ting, Siew Fong, Shu Xian, Shirley and Wei Qian. Rushed to CWP for Swensens with them. Had fun, definitely. =D Thanks girl! I love the neoprints though I don’t look good in it lol.
Went to BPP to accompany Chu Xiang for dinner. =D Saw Clement pass by and talked. Had a nice talk, realised that we do share a common viewpoint about certain things. Hmm. Then after that came home and blogged!

YAY I’m no longer with you. No more that “are you with me” BSTA tutor. Stupid woman. -.-”


1 Comment

  1. anqi~ said,

    lolx… some tutors have really weird catch phrases…
    irritating too!

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