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October 8, 2006 at 11:59 pm (Ramblings -)


Went to work on Friday, there’s another guy who’s newer than me okay! Hahaha. Work’s getting quite okay nowadays. Meaning = same. Slacked quite a bit. Heh. After that rushed home, bathed and got ready to leave for Malaysia. Glad that I packed my bag the day before that if not it’ll be very very rushed. After some traffic jam and all, we finally reached my grandparents’ place at about 9pm. It’s quite hazy there at that time. The moment we hit the highway it’s super hazy. X: Ate, talked a lot with my grandma, entertained her and enjoyed myself. Missed her so much! My granddad was funny too. Hahaha. Then my brothers played with candles, fireworks and sparklers. Past 11pm, my dad decided to return to Singapore. ): Nevermind, I’ve my camp after that. (:
So, reached Singapore before 12.30am, Saturday. Smsed Chu Xiang to tell him that I’ll reach school soon. So, happily I reached NP at 1.10am, to join my partners! Whee! Chu Xiang met me at the gate, because I’m not so sure where to go and it’s scary walking alone at that time. Anyway, surprised quite a number of people when I reached. (: The flag’s done already and I think it’s nice! Due to the stupid haze and bad sky we couldn’t do any night observation, so it’s mainly slacking till the next morning. It’s going to be a long, long day. After quite some time, I went to sleep. Couldn’t fall asleep though, it’s too noisy. Managed to sleep a little afterall and I woke up at 7am, planning to bathe before the day’s activities. I didn’t bathe before I sleep cos I went directly and I’m still clean. Hehs. So I woke up, saw my partner still sleeping, I thought I could sleep a little more since I bathe quite fast. So there I am, in a daze, waiting for him, then when I noticed him, he’s leaving the room. -.-” To think I waited for him, mean partner! We already said walk to the area together right, and you pangseh me! Hmpft. So I dragged Chu Xiang to walk with me there then I went in alone to bathe. Scary okay, the entire place only three person, two aunties not doing their work, slacking and chatting, and me. S: When I came out, I saw partner coming out of the guys’ restroom. TSK okay. So it was breakfast! Wasn’t nice, I spilled the hot milo too, lol. Knocked against it accidentally and then I witnessed an amazingly fast reaction from Robin. Lol. Lucky he’s fast, if not it’ll spill on him. Because Jasmine was sitting quite near that area when the cleaning aunty came, that fierce aunty scolded her. So sorry, Jasmine! X: Then we went for the Adventure Rope Course. It’s quite fun. Managed to know the other GLs better and some of the logs too. BOND BOND! Hahahaha. (: Quite tiring and we didn’t bring water. So our very kind “lao da de lao da”, Evelyn, and Jun Wei bought water for us. (: Trust fall is so funny. Lalalala. So hungry after all that. Therefore…. LUNCH!!! =D Lunched at Bukit Timah Plaza. Not very nice, the food I had. Nevermind, too lazy to think and all. But there was this constant headache bugging me. ): Dehydration? I’ve no idea. Then we proceeded back to school for discussing regarding the skit we’re supposed to do but didn’t do, thankfully. Slacked a bit, falling asleep when I was sitting there. Then finally forced myself to snap out of that dreaming mode and get on with the important stuff. Talked a bit, discussed our identities, and decided to make some changes to it. Hopefully it turns out nice. (: After that it’s the games station. Not that nice, perhaps because we aren’t prepared enough. DEFINITELY got to think more about the cheers. My friends all help me also, contribute, please! Hahaha. Email me the cheers all these? Then roughly tell me the correct way of cheering it, emphasis on whatever whatever: slashmylove@gmail.com. Amazing race was quite fun though the haze was quite spoiler, definitely affecting me. I was coughing like don’t know what. TSK. Had fun though. BOND BOND. Hahahaha. Tiring okay. So tired now. I’m a good motivator lalalala, that’s so random. Hahaha. *dizzy dizzy* Had pizza for dinner! Hehs. Debrief..
Night walk. *gasp* Expected very scary stuff. Lucky my partner is Tommy. He’s not scared, and he’s good at guessing what’s going to happen. Lalaa. So we talked and talked and talked throughout the walk. Some parts damn scary. And I nearly fell, tripped. The toilet one is stupid. Lol. LUCKY they’re short of manpower. If not it’ll be scary. Hahaha. After that then went back room. YAYNESS OKAY, when my partners (I’ve two partners, Jing Kun and Sock Ping, they went for the night walk together, me extra! Lol) returned, Jing Kun was holding some lightsticks! (: (: (: I love lightsticks. You can literally see me light up when I get any. Hahaha. Easily entertained, me. A little something can leave a smile on my face. I’m so like a little girl, tsk. Anyway couldn’t really sleep, slacked and stared into space, played two rounds of BIG 2, went outside the room to stare into space, the room was too cold you see. ): Tommy was so mischievious lol. Used to lightsticks to prank the people sleeping, like, putting lightsticks on their body, at their hands to make it seem like they’re praying etc. DAMN FUNNY OKAY.
Then woke up at about 9.30am, washed up and had a final debrief session. Packed and got ready to leave. Dragged till quite late then we (SQ, Selena, Johnathan, Logen, Jun Wei, Chu Xiang and me) went for lunch at KAP. Couldn’t finish it. Hahaha. The discount coupon is wasting food. X: After that chatted somemore and went home. Was so tired when I was waiting for 307 I think I fell asleep. Thank goodness Chu Xiang was there. Heh. If not me alone, falling asleep like that damn funny. Not to forget he helps me to carry my bag. Lalala. THANK YOU! Hahahaha. Then when I reached home I fell asleep and woke up after 6pm. Lol. That’s four hours of sleep. *dizzy dizzy* Had mee hoon kuey for dinner (yum) and watched tv till I came online. =D



  1. evon said,

    then then? haha! glad you had fun!

  2. aH kuN said,

    i didnt meAn to pangseh ! sRY ! hAAs.
    cos saw u sleeping like lOg. den i oso blur tOo =x

  3. slashmylove said,

    Hahahaha it’s okay, partner. I wasn’t sleeping anymore leh, just lying there cos it’s damn cold. so being the very nice me i’ve to pei chuxiang also. think he didn’t sleep much either. nvm lah, all over. i’m glad we’re partners. hahaha. BOND BOND!!

  4. evon said,

    =D i finished reading. makes me miss my np camp >_

  5. siew said,

    wow. wat a loooooooooonnnnnnnnnnng entry. lol. but i managed to finish it. but din really get wats going on. lol.

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