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October 6, 2006 at 1:15 am (Ramblings -)

My maiden trip to Fish & Co. The food was quite okay, the service is good, I love the dessert most! Ohyeah, met up this morning with the other SLs. Slept a bit too much, and was five minutes late. It’s okay lah. Cos we (Jing Kun, Sock Ping, Cheng Boon, Jasper and I) met at CCK Interchange first, to go together. Yadayada. Lazy for details. Got the stuff we wanted. Hopefully everything’s okay.
Won’t be blogging till Sunday night. Working from morning till evening tomorrow, after that I’ll be home, getting ready to go Malaysia for my granddad’s birthday. I’ve already packed my bag for the camp, so I think if possible, since we’re coming back to Singapore at night, alright, past midnight perhaps, I’ll go to NP directly for the camp. Then it’ll be camp camp till Sunday. Okay lah. Time for bed.
EVON, JIAYOU OKAY! I’m here for you. (:



  1. stella said,

    busy busy

  2. evon said,

    *touched* do you see tears in my eyes? =)

  3. anqi~ said,

    eek.. so busy!

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