/ vulgarities

October 5, 2006 at 1:48 am (Mocking ;)

In my opinion, people who often sprout vulgarities are usually people who speak without thinking, either that, or that they’re plain stupid. Hahahahaha. Well, that girl’s language at my blog was uhh, yup, not so nice. Hahaha. I’ve always had this theory: they use vulgarities like we drink water, usually because they’re too stupid to think of a better alternative which of course, leaves a much deeper impression and a greater impact, or their brains are simply too slow to think of an astounding cheem word which makes people go “WOW”! LOL. Anyway, she’s great entertainment.
Today I took orders. Lol. Damn funny, some people. Johnathan is complain king omg. ANYONE STILL WANT TO WORK? FISH & CO IMM! Hahaha. Does that answer you, Siew Fong? =D Anyway, An Qi, I’ve never eaten at Fish & Co before either! LOL. Oh oh! There’s this guy, Ceddric (or something like that) from my primary school! He remembers me! LOL. Incredible feat, considering I’m quite… uhh… silent in primary school. Lalala. I hate mopping floors, especially when they don’t care whether you clean it nicely or not. TSK. Lucky I have nice colleagues who helped me. Lalalala. NP PEOPLE! Hahahaha. =D
/edit: 2.01AM
Hahaha, turns out that training is paid! Whee. Then it covers the cost for the uniform. Quite sian leh, I don’t like CPF (okay random). Oh yes, why almost every restaurant there will be people who hates the “fucked up” management? HEY I DIDN’T SAY THAT. I quoted it okay. Lol. (:



  1. WeiQian said,

    lol… u sound so.. high. haha.

  2. evon said,

    yar lor, they use vulgarities like drinking plain water. or maybe coke. paikia drink more coke. =X lol no link ok. their dictionary limited, don’t blame them lor.

    anyway! jiayou =) have fun!

  3. anqi~ said,

    hahahaz, mayb u can try eating thr…
    got discount? since u’re a worker thr~ (:

  4. evon said,

    i usually say the ”efficient’ pj management’ =X can you sense the sarcasm?

  5. siew said,

    cb’s management oso okay okay oni. lol. okae. euu answered my qnt. hahaha. pengz.

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