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October 4, 2006 at 1:29 am (Ramblings -)

Fish & Co really flooded with NP students. Lol. It’s kinda fun. Today (okay yesterday but I’m going to refer it as today I don’t care) wasn’t as busy. Good. Learnt something today too. Knew more people. Staff transferred from JP’s outlet were more experienced and willing to teach. WE STILL NEED PEOPLE!!
Meal is provided, but not very nice lah, it’s not the food customers eat. Cooked seperately one. Blah. Anyway, today I billed the customers. Hehs. Quite fun, the machine. There are more guys there. ): AND NO SHUAI ONES. Hahahaha. OH YES. Today then realised that the first 24 hours are considered “training” (though it certainly didn’t feel like training to me, there wasn’t anyone to guide me for the first day! TSK.) and it’s NOT PAID. Wth?!?! But okok lah. After all I’ve already completed 16 hours. Cos it happened before that people got the uniform and staff card all these and didn’t turn up, ever again. LOL. Anyway, seniors like to ask “so, are you surviving?”. Lol. The good thing is today ended earlier than expected, 10pm. Alright, manager said I end at 10pm. Maybe because there’re enough staff to finish up the closing. Whatever lah. I was getting quite bored too. I prefer it when it’s relatively busy. I hate standing there, having no idea what to do. This is when I take the jug of iced water and go around. Hehs. So sian. Should sleep already. Working 12nn till 11pm tomorrow. Alright, later. Hahaha. (self entertaining sia)



  1. evon said,

    wah so long that schedule. take care of your health. don’t fall sick ok? work hard, next time go shopping with me. take care!

  2. WeiQian said,

    lol. at least they provide food.

  3. stella said,

    i will go and find you someday.
    ha. make that SOON.

  4. siew said,

    im working late night hours today too. from 5 pm to 1130pm. aww.. and dere’s fish&co at jp? ooh. i din noe.hahaha. lol. jp is my di pan now. anw. where euu working ah? i noe its fish&co but where de?

  5. anqi~ said,

    fishnco!~… sound so suaku, but i nv dined thr b4… hahahaz

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