/ first day (YANZI has a song by this title too! Hahahaa)

October 3, 2006 at 1:25 am (Ramblings -)

Today (okay, yesterday) was my first day at Fish & Co IMM. Long long day. Hahahaha. Worked full shift, stood for eleven hours, my legs are aching like after my first circuit training at netball. Oh yes, before I left my home today (alright, yesterday) morning, STARBUCKS CALLED. Like, so, -.-” okay. Hahaha. Anyway I rejected them. Kind of sad and felt bad too. Blahs. Okay, back to my first day at work. I was almost late, but reached exactly at 11am. Stupid buses. TSK. Okay, then I started by knowing where some of the things I’ll need are placed, the table numbers (OMG! At least now it’s better. FORTY PLUS TABLES, STUPID SPACE), the menu. Realised that there are quite a number of part timers there too, mostly from NP!!! Hahaha. I was supposed to be the greeter: Greet them, seat them, give menu, introduce soup of the day, and if I’ve time, get iced or warm water for them. What I was actually doing: (lucky I cannot take orders, because I don’t have the staff card then, I do now) Greet them, seat them, give menu, introduce soup of the day, get iced or warm water for them, serve food, clear the table, set the table, sterilise, wipe table, move chairs… HIGH CLASS CLEANER. LOL. But I didn’t have to wash plates! HAHAHA. Lunch hour was hectic. Constantly full house, when someone left, finally, another group of people/couple comes in. OMGOMGOMG. No time to rest. Dinner was worse. Full house WITH WAITING LIST. Craziness. PEOPLE DON’T SO SUAKU. GO GLASSHOUSE, NOT IMM! BLEHS. And the manager asked me if I had experience or not. I thought what, very obvious, I very blur arh? HEH. He said I’m smart, no experience but not blur. *SMUG* Hahahahahaha. But I didn’t really make friends there, though most of the kitchen staff were friendly. Wah, the milo ice cream shake was absolutely fantastic. Hehs. And I’ve never lunched or dined at Fish & Co before, I’m working there now. -.-” Oh yes, Fish & Co doesn’t accept NETS (OKAY THAT’S RANDOM). They provided dinner, but I went BK instead. Staff have to eat in the kitchen, standing! So omg lah. Stand somemore legs can break. So I decided BK is good for loner. Lalalala. Then Jing Kun came! Hahaha. His work so slack sia. Being the more senior one is good, can slack. Blahs. Nevermind, so nice come talk to me and entertain me. Eating alone is soooooo sad. X: Lalala. Incoherent post, tada!!
/edit: OH YES. Highlight of the day!! Hahaha. My colleague (WAH, a lot vulgarities sia, that Johnathan guy) said “What, come here so long only leem kopi (drink coffee).” when he saw the bill (or receipt). Then when I gave them the bill, the guy paid by credit card. *faints* A NINE DOLLAR BILL AND HE PAYS BY CREDIT CARD. OMG.
/edit: OH YAH. A girl who’s 19 years old and looks like an underaged girl came for an interview. YAY I’m not the newest already. AND AND AND AND AND!! WHO’S INTERESTED IN THE JOB???? THEY’RE STILL HIRING!!!

Action still going on, stronger than before! LOL. SO FUN. I HAVE A FAN NOW. NOT THAT FAN THAT COOLS YOU DOWN. She goes to my blog MORE REGULARLY THAN I DO! Hahahahha.



  1. shuxian said,

    LOL. I hear money going in your pockets and I see that my pocket is still as empty. =( Anyway, sounds like you were having fun at your job. haha.

  2. siew said,

    my job is fun too!! i love my job. yay.=)

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