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October 31, 2006 at 9:38 am (Random)

NEXT WEEK BCA E-LEARNING! That means, no school on Tuesday. YAY. I shall work, and enter my schedule as what, 10am – 4pm. HEHEHE.
Alright, that’s all for now. I’m forever tired. I love zoo land or animal land biscuits! (: (: (:
Shall update later or what. Maybe just edit this post to add on. Tata~

ADDED: 10.51AM.
BCA is boring. A very rigid person. Hais. MSN is good. Lousy internet connection is not. ): My laptop’s wireless isn’t good. HEY BUT THE REST ALL VERY GOOD OKAY. I want to chat chat chat chat chat! Blahs. All so busy. Chu Xiang and partner. SIAN. I’m falling asleep. TSK.


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October 31, 2006 at 12:16 am (Ramblings -)

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/ disappointment

October 29, 2006 at 4:35 pm (Chinese, Emo)

Disappointment is probably the most felt emotion this week. Didn’t disclose the password to the previous post to anyone. Don’t ask okay. I was disappointed when I couldn’t make it to BPGHS’ last campfire at the campus beside Bethany home before it’s going to be demolished. I chose to go for my cca. It turns out to be another disappointment. Totally disorganised. There were people who didn’t turn up, simply because they “had something on”. What kind of reason is this, complete crap. As a member of a particular cca, the minimum one can do is to turn up everytime, yet some of them couldn’t even meet this minimum requirement. It leads one to wonder how much exactly do they view their cca as, is it of any importance at all? I’m kind of losing faith in the management. There isn’t even a fixed attendance system. *sighs* Then I got reminded of BPnetball. It wasn’t super organised, but at least people turned up for trainings, sometimes which even I dread, but still turn up. What’s so hard about turning up for Astronomy without valid reasons? I am so disheartened. I wish the netball days whereby the four of us train hard and complain hard together. I miss BPGHS loads. I still can’t believe it that I chose to attend my cca. I don’t even get attendance cca points okay. Really hope something could be done to improve. People with I-don’t-care-less attitude, I can’t really do anything about it. Perhaps a lecture about the importance might do, but it might backfire and people just stopped turning up. Whatever. I should really start to care less. If not I’ll get stressed by irrelevant stuff as well.

It sucks. Stress sucks.
Alright, I’ve to get to work already. I’m starting to like to do tutorials, I’m going insane. Someone save me okay. -.-” So much to do. Research for LMS, perhaps IAC, astronomy. Don’t know what my partners want either. ): So fucked up about everything.

Disappointed in my life, or maybe the people around me. I should stop having such high expectations. The higher the expectations the greater the disappointment. Sometimes I wish life could return to its simple ways when I was still so innocent and unaware of the realistic world.

IF someday a meteor the size of Singapore hits Earth, all of us will perish, just like dinosaurs. And when will that happen? Sometimes I couldn’t help but wish that it comes sooner.

I need to buy more shorts! ): I’m broke! Can’t wait for pay day.

I shall hereby declare, once more, I loathe stupid people.


或许,我应该开始偶尔以华文来记载我生活的一切小细节。 (:

Yes An Qi! That’s my point. Like, wtf right. And what “got something on”. And left at that without further explanation. Or worse would be the mummy thing. Bullshit.
Hehehe Evon, never mind lah. Nice to know that you care! (:

Sudden realisation that so far I’ve been punctual for my lectures! Well, at least, in my part I was in school early. Excluding time spent on waiting for others. And for most tutorials. With the exception of the first LMS and the two French lessons I had so far. X:
I want to go shopping. ): I want that esprit top!

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October 29, 2006 at 1:08 am (Emo)

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/ rainy days

October 27, 2006 at 12:20 am (Ramblings -)

Two consecutive rainy days.

Yesterday’s rainy day was great!
The day began with me waking up totally refreshed. Good sign. Met up with Wei Qian to go school together, lecture was okay, tutorials were alright. Work was fantastic. There weren’t many customers, especially my section. That means, relax! Talk and talk and talk. Hahahaha. FINALLY got my server tag, no longer have to pin that funny looking trainee badge. Yay. Another good sign. Hehehe. Then our manager invited us to go his house for Hari Raya next Monday. HEE. So now we not working on Monday. Oh, supposed to work till 10pm, completed my closing job at 9.30pm and I wasn’t even in charge of closing, anything, just that I’d too much time so I helped, then everyone can go back earlier! In the end went home at 11pm instead. Lol. Ate there! YUMMY FOOD. Yay! Gotta remember to photocopy my bankpassbook and NRIC, if not I won’t get my pay. They didn’t even inform me, wth, I asked my colleague. NVM. I shall call them tmr and ask.

Today’s rainy day wasn’t bad either.
Hehehe. Today’s lecture was average. Quite tired. I REALLY THINK THURSDAYS ARE CURSED. I still am more tired on Thursday mornings. Weird weird weird weird weird. Anyway MAEC tutorial was okay, first one still easy. Blur me. Felt a little unwell today, I don’t know why, but am okay now.

Had been too tired to come online to blog recently. Working AND studying is tiring, so must really make use of time to study, revise and rest.

Tomorrow is the last day for BPGHS already. Last official school day anyway. School holidays start, GCE’O’ Level, DEMOLISH. ): ): ): Can’t go back to see the school one last time tomorrow, unable to fork out any time. ): ): ): BE SAD PLEASE. HAIS. They’re moving to that lok kok school. Hahahaha, I remembered that De La Salle School and Greenridge Primary School used to share the premises, one on morning session, the other afternoon. So, Shirle and I were premises-mate since then! LOL. Hopefully the new BPGHS will be a nice and lovely one, but it’ll never be the same again, for the memories held there would gradually be erased and removed, along with the building. After all, we did complete our secondary school education in that not-as-colourful-as-Bethany-Home building. Can’t believe it that I thought that nicely painted Bethany Home was part of BPGHS when I chose BPGHS as my first choice for PSLE. Funny me.

BPGHS – (: (: (: (: (: I’m so glad I came from BPGHS (though people thought that we MUST be very smart and all. HEY NO, I proven that wrong. HEHEHEHE. Normative statement there. -.-“)

*editted: 5.29AM*

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/ eleven hours~

October 25, 2006 at 12:08 am (Ramblings -)

Worked for eleven hours, straight, without any break! Okay, except for lunch and dinner which adds up to half an hour? Today was hectic hectic. SO MANY PEOPLE. I hate large groups. OH and there was this group which mentioned 15 then ended up don’t know how many people turned up. These people don’t know how to count. TSK. I was the greeter for the whole day, talked till my mouth and throat were super dry. Saw Chu Xiang with his dad and sis. Oooh, he came back to send me home. Hahahaha. Okay I AM SO TIRED. I shall quickly complete my work for today and sleep.

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/ deathnote

October 23, 2006 at 11:29 pm (Ramblings -)

School was alright. Took 975 to the interchange today, lucky I did because 184 was filled at the second stop. Saw Hui Ping and Woon Lan there too. Hahaha. My BSTA tutorial class was okay. MAEC was boring. I fell asleep for a while. BSTA lecture was okay, predictable. Ended early. Yay.
Rushed home after BSTA lecture. Get their presents and left after eating a waffle. Was so hungry then cos I didn’t consume anything since last night. Then left for JP! Reached there in about 45 minutes. Met up and enjoyed myself. PAISEH SHUXIAN for owing you money. Will return asap ok. I’m damn damn damn poor now. ): HAIS.
Watched deathnote. Was okay lor. Still think that Light is so ugly. TSK.
Went home after that. Am tired, shan’t blog more. Maybe elaborate tomorrow or what but I guess it’s highly possible that this post will be left as it is. Working 10am till 9pm tomorrow. GAMBATTE TO ME.

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/ spicy lala ramen

October 22, 2006 at 11:54 pm (Random)

Went out with Chu Xiang again today. Whoo, eighth day consecutively. 找罪受 again today, a last minute decision. HEE. Went Ramen Ten for Spicy Lala Ramen!! No photos. It’s wasn’t as spicy as the one I had with Wei Qian. Hahaha. But the lala is different le, not as good as last time. Hmms. Mushroom ramen is good too! Ramen Ten’s ramen all rather savoury. Yum yum. I can sense the money going down into my stomach and coming out. Hahaha.
After that, walked to Lucky Plaza there and took the bus to Suntec City and Marina Square. WAH Lucky Plaza a lot of maids around! X: Walked around Suntec City and Marina Square, ate a little and went Lot One before returning home. Alright, it wasn’t so short, I just made it sound short. Haha, saw Jun Wei at Suntec City today. He’s funny lah. Nice also. Very good friend indeed. (:
Happy day. Hee. GOOD.
Don’t look forward to tomorrow, not anymore. Cos I’ve to bring all those presents! SO BIG. X: NINE O’CLOCK CLASS = MANY PEOPLE & SQUEEZY BUS.

DAMN FUNNY. Watch it. NTU students are very entertaining. Thanks partner for sharing! LOL.
“Is your moustache the source of your knowledge?”
“If yes, then please don’t set so difficult questions because most of us don’t have moustache.”

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/ happy deepavali

October 22, 2006 at 1:02 am (Ramblings -)

For the first time in months, I had breakfast with my whole family. It’s so funny. Hahaha. My first time in my dad’s new car too. I’m so damn lag okay. Tsk. WAH I TELL YOU, Singaporeans are really really really very very kiasu. The temple at Teck Whye (near PJC) was giving out free pencil cases and bags. The queue was all the way till Choa Chu Kang Community Center. Best sia. -.-” Went Bukit Timah for breakfast. Had nasi lemak. Yay I like. Hmm. Drank a bit of sugar cane too. X: For those who don’t know, you might want to tell me then I email you that article. Haha. So far, so good. Going to work later, but not yet. Will update this entry again when I’m back. My brother is so lazy, tsk. Took us AGES to get him out of bed. And he’s the one who sleeps most everyday, being in the afternoon session. WTH. Going to meet Chu Xiang later too, before I go for work. Left my file with him, and it has my certificate for the typhiod injection and my tutorials and all. Evelyn’s nice, she lent me her SAM account which hopefully, the password is correct, lol. Alright, update again later. OH, I might as well publish this later, just save this entry for now. Okay, time now is 1.29pm, SAVED. Working 5pm till 11pm. Hmmms. Woke up so early and slept so late last night. Shall take a short nap before going for work. Whooo. AU REVOIR, for now.

Alright, work was okay. Was supposed to do 15 feedback forms today. BUT I DIDN’T SUCCEED. ): Only managed 13. Jo promised me a seafood platter if I manage to get 15!! Blahs! X: Other than that, not mistakes today. Yay. Am working on Tuesday morning, Wednesday night and Saturday morning. I get more pay on public holidays, yay!
Okay lah, quite tired to add more.

evon, yah, I’ve no choice. TSK.
jem, I’m not sure, that’s why. They didn’t say anything so I assume I am? At least till the first FABM tutorial. Some people have no sense of responsibility, it’s hard having to chase after them for the stuff. X:
anqi! Hahaha, yes, poor girl, LITERALLY! -.-“

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October 21, 2006 at 12:41 pm (Pissed)

TRM people all have a fine dining workshop on Saturday, any one of the five dates. AND I AM SO FRIGGING PISSED BECAUSE NOT MANY PEOPLE BOTHER TO COME FORWARD TO TELL ME THE DATES THEY WANT, THEIR FULL NAME AND STUDENT NUMBER. Even if you don’t care, don’t you realise that your retardedness (NOT that stupid retard retard, is the late retard retard) will affect everyone? Particularly those who want to go for the earlier dates and slots available are limited? Wth. Inconsiderate people. If don’t like me then get someone else to compile everything and submit to April! ASAP! Why waste my time? This is outrageous. Utterly ridiculous. Absolutely horrible. TSK. I don’t think many of my classmates, if any, reads my blog. BUT I AM GOING TO SUBMIT IT ON MONDAY NIGHT, 11.59PM, 23 OCTOBER 2006. Don’t care anymore. If the very few people who reads this and coincidentally happens to be my classmate, HELP ME ASK okay, thanks. EMAILS PREFERED when I’m offline. Once again. SO FRUSTRATED. Arghs! !@#$%^&*(


Oh, so many capital letters. RUDENESS OVERWHELMS ME. Muahahahahhaa. TSK.

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