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September 30, 2006 at 2:29 am (Ramblings -)

EVON! A big big big hug for you! (: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! =D For all my friends’ information, EVON GOT ME THE CD! Hahahaha. She’s so nice! *gushes* Evon is really one who really really loves her friends. We’d our fair share of fun together, but we drifted apart when she was promoted to secondary four, due to the heavy workload.. We re-bonded (hahaha, funny word) and I realised I missed the fun we used to have, the crazy days we used to live together in school. Not to forget, they’re demolishing the school soon, TSK. It’s so funny, that we bonded again, just like that, so easily. I’m looking forward to the end of her A levels, we’re going out together! (: (: (:
Okay, I forgot what I wanted to blog about just now cause I’m too excited by Yan Zi’s cd. WaHAHAHAHA. (: SO LOVELY, WHOOOSH!

OHYES, An Qi, GL is GROUP LEADER. Hahahahaha.



  1. evon said,

    i duno, feels weird sometimes. but we’ll form a bond soon! heat will be given off. haha! it’s an exothermic reaction because must have chemistry =X ok that’s crap. i am missing you already =X next time go out we go library! hehehehe! must take care ok? i’m looking forward to me earning money and us going out together! *huGs*

  2. anqi~ said,

    hahahahza~~~ okokok… got it got it got it!!! (:

  3. evon said,

    y u no link me? tsk!

  4. shuxian said,

    hahaha. congrats for getting the cd.

  5. evon said,

    yay! i’m linked! yay yay! *smiles broadly*

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