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September 27, 2006 at 11:19 pm (Ramblings -)

Saw Nigel, Iyla and don’t remember his name today at the bus stop in front of Lot One. Lol. So funny them. BPIANS! Wheeee! Have to wake up at 8am tomorrow, for the group meeting at JP at 10am. Whoosh. So early, but no choice. None of the ideas just seem to work. ): Hope everything will be okay after all. It’s going to be a boring day tomorrow. Then Friday! Going back to school for astronomy, GLs meeting, Yan Zi’s CD (the limited edition one) will be out!! Yayness. (: I shall be happy about that. Haha. But then now I want both the regular version AND the limited edtion one. ): So poor for that. ): Because the normal one is exclusive to Singapore and Hong Kong. ARGHS. ): SO FRIGGING POOR. I want both the normal versions from Taiwan too. Can DIE from poorness sia. ): HAIS. Anyway I still don’t know my French class’ timetable, really hope it’s on Monday. Meanwhile, this is my timetable (:




  1. anqi~ said,

    i just think tt ur timetable is so slack~…
    but 3 hrs of the same subj is crazy~

  2. siew said,

    hahaha. eur timetable is so good! looks so slack as comapred to mine.. hmm.

  3. stella said,

    GLs meeting?
    Guai Lans meeting; hmm, is shuxian going? 😉

  4. slashmylove said,

    erm, thought i mentioned quite a number of times already, GROUP LEADERS.

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