/ random post no.1

September 23, 2006 at 5:30 pm (Random)

Today is a very very happy day! Hahahahahahahaha. Finally bought the cardigan, whee! Though the medium size is no longer available, there’s still the Large size! Bigger is better than nothing lah. Lalalalala. Hahahahahaha. Anyway, Yan Zi’s album still not out yet. ): Nevermind, the person’s going to call me the moment it’s released. Wheee! So happy. Happy happy. Ate and ate today. Whee, eating is fun! Eating is good! Oh yes, watched “John Tucker must die” today, it’s damn funny! Hahahahaha. Super entertaining! Hahahahahahaha. Alright, my post is incoherent, again! Blah, everytime when I’m too happy to think it becomes incoherent. Lalalala. So hungry. Ahh I get hungry very easily, no good, waste money! Lol.
Hmmm. I want shoes/slippers/heels/pumps, bag(s), skirt(s), jeans….. WAH SO MANY. Hahahahahaha. I am so poor now. ): Monday still gotta go out with my friends… *whines* Hahahaha ): ):
Singapore is so boring. Hahahahahah.
OHYAH. Saw 权怡风 and 王禄江 at LOT ONE! Filming some show, no idea and not interested, SO MANY AUNTIES AT LOT ONE TODAY.
Stella is so unlucky! Hahahahahaha. Oh yes, that’s all! BYEBYE!



  1. siew said,

    wahh. euu watched john tucker must die le ahh?? we were planning to watch dat movie on mon.. hahaha. oh well. maybe we can watch other movies den. hahaha.

  2. slashmylove said,

    Hahaha, you didn’t say anything about what movie… Paiseh ahh.. Damn broke, lol. ):

  3. saddyboi said,

    liew.. sae i biased…leave comment so ma fan ma… >. k i “tag” u le hor… :p

  4. stella said,

    yes yes, stop reminding me!

  5. shuxian said,

    Even if YeeShan didn’t watch the movie, we still can’t watch it on Monday, because I’VE WATCHED IT BEFORE! Lol. The movie qutie funny eh, reminds me of MEAN GIRLS. Lol.

  6. stella said,

    i hate you 😦

  7. slashmylove said,

    hahaha, yeah hate is the new love. HAHAHAHA.

  8. anqi~ said,

    eekk… poly ppl are having holidays! how irritating…

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