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September 20, 2006 at 3:51 pm (Ramblings -)

Went out with Wei Qian, Shu Xian and Hui Ying today. The four of us again! Had tremendous fun. Laughed and laughed and laughed. Oh, and laughed till I choked. Next time, don’t make me laugh when I’m drinking! Hui Ying’s super funny and gl. Blah! Love them loads! (: (: (: Super happy today, many many funny things that happened too. Wahaha. We must go out more! Too bad Hui Ying’s starting school soon. A teeny weeny sad, but I’ll still laugh at her. So mean of me! Must get used to it. Lol. Anyway, I bought three tops today! And spent less than Wei Qian! Lalala. I didn’t manage to get the cardigan I wanted, cause… it’s no longer available! SUPER SAD. ): ): ): I should have bought it there and then. Hmpft. Kind of disappointed because I really liked it. ): I want a new bag! And shoes/slippers/heels/sandals, whichever’s nicer. d: And cardigans!!! Or jackets! I absolutely heart jackets and cardigans. The me who feels the coldness very easily. Blahhh!

Thanks to those who cared, I’m okay already. 看开了. Wish me luck for the next semester. I’m going to need it. Alright, I’m going to do up my new timetable nicely. Business Statistics is such a spoiler, but I deserved it. ):

*EDITTED* I don’t have Written Communications!! How come?!?!?!?! Damn everything. ): ): ): I’d rather take eight modules!! Ahhhhh! Must call the school le lah! Aiyoh.. How can like that? How can how can? Blahhh. TSK. Then like that I’ll graduate a semester later already! ): ): ): *cries*


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  1. siew said,

    guess i missed out da fun again. aights.=(

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